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Keeping your data safe at no cost

Cobian Backup allows you to backup your data on most local and online supports. It offers compression features to create archives, as well as data encryption support to keep your files secure.

Why choose Cobian Backup?

It is a software written in the Delphi language, extremely famous and appreciated worldwide for its reliability and quality. It can only be installed on Windows machines. For versions prior to 2009, it is still possible to find the source code in open source mode under the "Mozilla Public License". Regarding storage devices , it supports hard disks, online storage including FTP servers, pen drives, DVDs and so on.

At the interface level, it resembles the classic file manager that can be found on any desktop in order to make it as easy as possible to use and to improve the user experience.

The best features of Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup offers a wide range of solution to backup and secure your data. The most interesting features of this software are:

  • Support for incremental and differential backups
  • Support for external backups (over LAN or FTP)
  • Data compression, with the creation of archives in different formats (7z, ZIP, SQX)
  • Data encryption
  • Drag and drop features
  • Disk spanning
  • Shadow copy
  • File names up to 32000 characters
  • Multilingual UI

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Strengths of Cobian Backup

  • Completely free to use
  • Compression & encryption features
  • Support for both local and online supports

Cobian Backup demo and screenshots

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Cobian Backup pricing and features

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Backup Reports
Backup of open documents
Backup to NAS (Network Attached Storage) Data storage on a physical carrier for fast backup and greater available bandwidth
Data Compression Optimize storage space
Differential Backup Only files that have changed since the last backup are sent back to the servers.
Incremental Backup Backups modified files only
Local Backup Copies the selected files to a local media (USB stick, external hard disk, etc.)
PC Backup
Web Design
File Manager (FTP)


Security & Confidentiality
Personal Encryption Certificate

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