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Why choose Nakivo?

When we talk about backup we mean the tool that will provide maximum security to one of the most important resources in the company: the data. It is important, therefore, do not skimp and look for a tool that is able to fully meet all your needs in terms of convenience, security and support. It is for all these reasons that today we present Nakivo.

The idea behind the product is to offer constant and quality technical support, a software that offers a wide range of services for data protection and constant maintenance with good value for money.

Three versions are offered in order to fully adapt to the needs of users. 

What are the main features of Nakivo?

In order to be fully sure of the investment, the company offers the possibility to request a demo and test the product.

Among the main features we find:

  • Backup to VMware
  • Cloud Backup
  • Instantaneous reduplication
  • Data recovery

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