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Kaspersky Endpoint Security, a high-performance SaaS network security solution

Endpoint Security is a software solution that focuses on endpoint protection, this is the most tested solution on the market that adapts to the needs of large companies. Kapersky's solution integrates numerous protection, detection and cybersecurity functionalities that uses machine practices and global business intelligence to block threats and any other cyberattack.

Endpoint Security ensures that corporate data is always protected, this software solution also works proactively and stops threats before they cause costly damage to the company, furthermore, it is particularly well suited for industries such as government, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and financial services

What are the qualities of Kaspersky Endpoint Security?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security also provides API Web service, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and supports (phone, email, ticket, chat) features needed by users of Network Security software, making it an indispensable tool. This software and its data are collected at Kaspersky Lab, freeing customers from the hassle of storing, backing up and securing servers; it is also suitable for all types of operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

All you need is an Internet connection, there's no need to worry about updates or maintenance.

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