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Supremo is a lightweight and easy-to-use software. It doesn't require any installation or configuration of router and firewall to access the remote machine (PC or server) and is available for Windows OS (a MacOS version will be available soon) or mobile Android and iOS.

Among its features, the possibility to start multiple simultaneous connections on the same machine, the activation of the license on an infinite number of computers and the possibility of installation as a Windows service. The latter represents an important feature, since it allows Supremo to be launched automatically at Windows boot: the user will have the possibility to control the remote machine without human intervention on the controlled PC or server.

Security issue: the Supremo data stream is encrypted with the AES 256-bit algorithm and a 4-digit password is generated at each startup to protect the machines from undesired connections. To increase security, the ability to specify a more secure 6-character alphanumeric password and even to block specific IDs.

The strength of Supremo is certainly the price, undoubtedly among the most competitive on the market, but also the possibility of free use in Free version.

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