Marketing Cloud: in summary

What is Marketing Cloud? 

Marketing Cloud, as the name implies, is a marketing platform, and a market leader in creating intelligent customer journeys. Their system offers a set of solutions stored on one complete and unified platform, integrated with Customer 360. Marketing Cloud gives you the possibility to create personal experiences on all channels and for all steps of the customer journey. It also allows you to identify the key elements that define the customer experience, and then subsequently seize upon them to create a truly personal relationship. 

Marketing Cloud also dramatically speeds up B2B marketing automation, it allows you to generate more quality leads. It also makes it possible to create targeted and personalized emails to develop online campaigns. Additionally, you can calculate your return on investment on marketing actions, letting you know in real-time the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

Digital advertisement tools are also available and can be integrated with marketing data and CRMs in order to develop and increase users’ experiences. What’s more, you can analyze conversations from multiple sources via a shared and personalized dashboard. This gives you a snapshot of how customers are feeling at a specific time.  

Marketing Cloud Benefits

It’s possible to interact with clients thanks to an integrated platform that allows you to unify your sales, customer service, and marketing. You can then:

  • Foster data sharing and collaboration between teams to develop successful marketing campaigns,

  • Assist customers throughout their whole journey, from the first point of contact right up to post-purchase assistance. 

  • Stay connected, on all the channels, no matter the support. With Marketing Cloud you can manage your customers’ journeys via all channels, email, applications, text messages, social media, advertisements, websites, the internet of things, communities, sales representatives, and partners.

  • Allow marketing teams to work more intelligently, and more productively in order to get the best results possible by taking clear-minded decisions thanks to an integrated data platform and tools that focus on giving agility back to your team. 

Available Integrations 

Journey Builder: Create personalized customer journeys on all channels while unifying all your related services. 

Email Studio: Created entirely personalized emailing campaigns. 

Customer 360 Audiences: Streamline, segment, activate, and analyze all your data right from your Customer Data Platform. 

Mobile Studio: Personalize your mobile interactions, most notably text messages, push notifications, and instant messaging. 

Social Studio: Listen to your community on social media, post content, and engage with your followers. 

Advertising Studio: Come up with new, personalized advertising by using CRM data to attract new customers and “reactivate” your existing clientele. 

Datorama: Measure the performance of your campaigns on a sole analytical platform. Improve your KPIs, budget, and overall decisions. 

Interaction Studio: Visualize, track, and manage your customers’ experience in real-time. You can even stimulate engagement at the right time, by taking your customers’ likes and dislikes into account. 

Data Studio: Spice up your marketing activities by acquiring new data. 

Google Analytics 360: Get the most of your marketing data while driving better customer engagement 

Pardot: Accelerate your sales efforts with a B2B marketing tool. 

Its benefits


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Marketing Cloud: its rates and features

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