Novade Solution Pte: field management software

Novade Solution Pte is a software that allows companies in the building and construction industry to go digital in order to improve their business management and become more productive.

A platform to manage all production processes

The platform has different functionalities to facilitate the management of a company in the Building and Construction industry. First of all, the software offers close monitoring of construction sites, including managing the production and getting reports on the progress made. The plateform also allows to track employee progress and machine maintenance. Each element is digitized, allowing collaborators to access this information at any time on any medium (computer, smartphone), and monitor the progress of construction sites in real time. Finally, all the data collected can be used to generate analyses in order to take the right decisions according to the situation. 


  • digitalization of production processes to optimize production
  • a secure platform
  • machine maintenance

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Security & Confidentiality
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
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