OPOC: Field service management software

Why choose OPOC to manage interventions?

This is a software created to facilitate significantly the activities of the workforce in various sectors (retail, installations, home maintenance and so on) related to interventions.

Your team's interventions can be centrally organized and controlled thanks to a cloud-based structure. In addition, it is able to manage the coordination of sub-contractors to have a complete picture of the situation.

Thanks to the online management of all information, all ongoing processes can be followed in real time. Not only this tools is accessible from a browser, but also from an application for IOS or Android operating systems, so that every data entry can be as easy as possible for the intervention teams.

What are the main features of this tool?

Going to the heart of the activity of this software,  its characteristics, we notice that it is able to:

  • Create projects (both simple and complex) using collaborative functions for task management
  • Manage the external collaborators to organize the staff in the most fluid way possible
  • Send real time notifications
  • Manage the requests
  • Speech to text input
  • Reports and analytics
  • Multi-site location management

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