Interactiv' DataBase (PIM): in summary

Interactiv' Database is a PIM and online DAM solution that allows you to store, classify, enrich and disseminate information products and media files from a single database.

How does Interactiv' DataBase work?

This software is divided into three distinct modules (PIM, DAM, Preview).

The PIM Module (Product Information Management) let you store your data initially from the following sources : Excel, CS, database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, ...), ERP, ...).

Thanks to an optimized import system that will be setup for you, import or update your data whenever you want.

Interactiv' DataBase let you broadcast your data to straight into Web and Print.

What are expected benefits for your business?

  • Save time and optimize the productivity of your teams by centralizing all marketing and sales information for your products, in a single reference database.
  • Your data is always up to date: doesn’t matter the distribution channel.
  • Organize and structure your data: in families and categories (or railway).
  • Process and export data in suitable format, for each channel (web, print, software, marketplace, etc.).
  • Avoid data products related errors: With a proper access rights system for each department or employee. Your distributors can easily have access to constant UpToDate data. This would help out to avoid errors in prices between various shops and retailers, for example.
  • Make your international development easier: centralize translated product sheets, technical or sales pitches, for example.

Our solution adapts to companies of all size: we can customize our solution to offer a service tailored to your needs.

Training, coaching and support

Interactiv' Technologies provides training (referenced by DataDock and Qualiopi) making you able to use the platform in the best and optimized way. Phone support based in France is available 5 days out of 7, to assist you in setting up, and meet your needs.

Our experience and our clients

Interactiv' Technologies supports more than 1 000 active customers of all sizes since 2008. With our expertise in Web to Print and product management, we designed a PIM solution tailored to meet our customers’ needs and requests.

Free Demo and without commitment

If you want to know more about our solution, please contact us via our website to request for a free demonstration, or to test out software for free.

Its benefits

Great value for money

Adapted to every type of company

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Interactiv' DataBase (PIM): its rates

On demand
On demand

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Interactiv' DataBase (PIM)
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