PIM and PXM Software

PIM and PXM software are operation management software designed to manage sets and sub-sets of items corresponding to products, articles or references.

Professional group :
Operations Management
Human Resources (HR)
Sales & Customer Management
Accounting & Finance
IT Services
Recreational Activities
Association Management
Category :
Project Management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Business Process Management (BPM)
Field Service Management
Business Management
Business Management
Stock Management
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
Business Workflow
Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
Quality Management
Online Voting
Supply Chain Management
Professional Services Automation (PSA)
Material Resource Planning (MRP)
Inventory Control
Contract Management
Equipment Maintenance
Resource Management
Property management
Security Guard
Business Performance Management (BPM)
Inventory Management
Visitor Management
Maintenance Management
Business Plan
Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Event Check In
Product roadmap
Vendor Management System (VMS)

Our selection of 9 pim and pxm software

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Manage product information effectively with PIM and PXM software. Automate workflows, enrich data, and optimize product experiences.

A3 | PIM INDUSTRY streamlines product information management with robust automation features. The software allows for easy enrichment of data and optimization of product experiences, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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Integrated DAM

GS1 France Certified

Interfaced to the ERP

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Streamline data management and improve product experience with advanced PIM and PXM software.

Akeneo PIM offers a centralized platform for managing product data, automating workflows, and creating compelling product experiences across multiple channels. With advanced features such as data quality checks, versioning, and localization, it helps businesses optimize their product data management processes and streamline collaboration between teams.

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Increased conversion rates

Decreased product returns

Faster time-to-market

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Simplify product information management and improve customer experience with this PIM and PXM software.

Manage product data across multiple channels with ease, enrich product information and deliver consistent, relevant and engaging customer experiences. Quable is designed to help businesses streamline their product information management processes and centralise their product data to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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Competitive rates:Transparent and tailored to your needs and objective

No code: ‍No development or hosting required, updates are automatic

Quick to deploy: Onboarding is 3 times faster than other solutions

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Streamline your product management with powerful PIM and PXM software. Manage and distribute product information across multiple channels with ease.

MaPS System offers a comprehensive solution for centralising, enriching and distributing product information. With intuitive workflows and customisable templates, users can ensure consistency and accuracy across all channels. Additionally, advanced analytics provide insights to optimise product performance.

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Highly customizable


Multiple connectors (Magento, Mirakl, SAP, etc.)

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Efficiently manage product information and optimize customer experience with this PIM and PXM software.

With this software, businesses can easily centralize, enrich, and distribute product data across multiple channels. Its user-friendly interface and automation tools also help to reduce errors and save time.

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Software as a Service

API-based connectivity


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Streamline your product information management with our PIM and PXM software. Organize and enrich your product data to enhance customer experience and drive sales.

With our software, you can easily manage product information across multiple channels and platforms. Our PIM solution allows you to centralize and standardize data, while our PXM capabilities enable you to optimize product content for different channels. Improve your workflow and increase efficiency with Interactiv' DataBase.

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Great value for money

Adapted to every type of company

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Manage product information and experiences efficiently with this PIM and PXM software.

Centralise product data, automate workflows, enrich content, and deliver personalised experiences across channels with this powerful software.

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Free open source

Feature rich


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Paid version from €190.00 /month

Streamline your product data management with this powerful PIM and PXM software.

With AtroPIM, you can easily manage and enrich product information, sync data across multiple channels, automate workflows, and get real-time insights to optimize your sales and marketing strategies. Its user-friendly interface and flexible customization options make it a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes.

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Open-Source and Free Software

Configurable Data Model and Layouts

Expandable with free and paid Modules

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PIM and PXM software that centralises product information for easy management and distribution across channels.

Afineo PIM streamlines workflows, enhances data quality, and provides real-time updates to ensure accurate and consistent product information across all channels. Its advanced analytics and reporting tools help businesses make data-driven decisions to optimise sales and improve customer experience.

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PIM and PXM softwares: Q&A

A PIM software serves as a central repository for all product information, which can be accessed and edited by multiple users. PXM software, on the other hand, helps businesses manage the entire product experience, starting from product information, to digital assets, to customer reviews and feedback.

When choosing PIM software, look for features like data import/export, data mapping, data enrichment, and workflow management. For PXM software, look for features like digital asset management, content creation and management, and product experience analytics.

PIM and PXM software can help businesses improve data accuracy, reduce time-to-market, increase sales, and enhance customer experience. It can also help businesses streamline product information management, and improve collaboration between different teams.

Some of the best PIM and PXM software options in the UK market are Akeneo, Salsify, inRiver, Plytix, and Contentserv. Each of these software options has unique features and capabilities, and the best one depends on the specific needs of your business.

Some of the free PIM and PXM software alternatives include Pimcore, OpenPIM, and TreoPIM. These options offer basic features and functionalities, and may be suitable for small businesses or startups with limited budgets. However, they may not offer the same level of capabilities as paid software options.