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Don't waste any more time filling out your agendas by hand to fit everyone into your schedule! Use scheduling software to manage your personal schedules and those of your employees!

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Our selection of 4 scheduling software

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Streamline project management with this software's powerful tools for collaboration, task management, and time tracking.

With features like Gantt charts, milestone tracking, and custom workflows, this software offers a comprehensive solution for managing projects of any size. Keep your team on track with real-time updates and automated notifications.

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Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

Real-time collaboration for teams

Integration with other Zoho applications and third-party apps

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Streamline project management with PPM software. Track progress, allocate resources, and maximise results with ease.

Project Monitor offers a comprehensive approach to PPM software, with features including real-time project tracking, resource allocation, and customisable dashboards. With user-friendly interfaces and robust reporting capabilities, Project Monitor helps teams stay on track and achieve optimal results.

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Functional spectrum: Gantt, resource, budget, risk, etc.

An ease of setting with full web administration

For all your trades: CIO, R&D, PMO, Finance, etc.

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Paid version from €295.00 /month

Accurately predict sales with our sales forecasting software. Utilise data analytics to optimise inventory and increase profits.

Our software utilises advanced algorithms to analyse historical sales data and predict future demand. With SKU Science, you can optimise inventory levels, reduce stockouts and increase profits.

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Free trial and no credit card required

Optimized forecasts for each item

The solution is so simple that it is used in 74 countries

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Paid version from €9.00 /month

Streamline your scheduling process with intuitive software that helps you manage resources, tasks and timelines with ease.

Visual Planning's powerful scheduling tools allow you to create and assign tasks, track progress, set deadlines and allocate resources. With a user-friendly interface and customisable dashboards, you can easily visualise your project timelines and make informed decisions.

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Simple and intuitive planning

Error reduction

Customizable interface

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Scheduling software: purchase guide

A complete guide to scheduling software

Do you use a spreadsheet to make your schedules and an agenda to write down your appointments? Make your daily life easier by using scheduling software! 

What is scheduling software?

Scheduling software is complete and offers you a clear vision of your collaborative projects. It is not easy to remember all of the schedules and workloads of all of your employees.

By opting for scheduling software, you have permanent access to your agenda but also to a real project management software thanks to forward planning. Data is centralised and you share it with the collaborators you want. In addition, you have the possibility of scheduling alerts to keep your teams informed of changes made to each employee's schedule.

What features should your scheduling software have?

You will be impressed by the features that scheduling software offers. Try to choose a software solution that meets the needs of your company. It is also not recommended using scheduling software that have too many features that you will not need.

The main features you will find are:

  • Drag and drop: in just a few clicks you create a schedule with the appropriate tasks and collaborators. 
  • A customisable interface: the software must adapt to your needs and be easy to use. Intuitive, it becomes an indispensable management tool. 
  • Customisable calendars and forms.
  • The application of filters to facilitate searches (weekly, daily, monthly schedules or according to material or human resources filters).
  • Periodicity: Stop repeating recurring tasks thanks to the automation of a list of tasks and their information. 
  • Visibility on the schedule of your employees but also the rapid implementation of the workload plan for a precise project follow-up. 
  • Alerts and notifications: Inform your employees without waiting for a change in the schedule.
  • Import and export: Your schedules must be able to be printed, sent by email or used in other management solutions or office suites. 
  • Accessibility on various media: From your PC, Mac or Smartphone. Feel free to use your planning software wherever you are. 
  • Task history: Who created the task? Who made the changes and at what time? This function can be very interesting if many of you are working on planning management. 
  • Customised summaries and reports: Visualise the profitability of your teams and evaluate the best risk management by reacting quickly.

What are the benefits of using scheduling software for your business? 

Project management and scheduling software is a must-use for businesses that manage many tasks or have large teams (commercial management, project management...). Here are some of the benefits of using scheduling software:

  • Save time: You immediately visualise all the schedules you want.
  • Manage resources and skills: You know which material is used, which collaborator is available or which task your employees spend a lot of time on. 
  • Forecast weeks or months to come to make the best decisions and the most relevant actions. 
  • Manage manufacturing with a long-term vision. 
  • Make a schedule at the office or directly in customer meetings thanks to the accessibility. 
  • A management tool adapted to business constraints and adaptable to your company's needs.
  • Improve communication with your partners and collaborators during collaborative work.
  • A perfect organisation of your planning to save time every day and avoid unnecessary tasks. 
  • A real gain in productivity on a daily basis.
  • Reduce organisational failures with real-time visibility and automatic updates.
  • Easy management of unavailability, leave distribution or quick reaction to sick leave.

Scheduling softwares: Q&A

Scheduling software allows you to create, manage and assign tasks and appointments to your team. It helps you to monitor the progress of your team's work, track deadlines and set reminders. It also provides a dashboard view of your team's work and availability, allowing you to optimize resource allocation.

When selecting scheduling software, look for features such as resource management, task allocation, calendar integration, time tracking, reporting and analytics, customisable notifications, and mobile access. A good scheduling software should also be user-friendly, scalable and secure.

Scheduling software brings many benefits to your company, including increased productivity, improved communication, better collaboration, reduced errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction. It also helps you to save time, reduce administrative tasks, and increase profitability.

The best scheduling software options for the UK market include Microsoft Project, Teamwork, Asana, Trello, and Wrike. These software options offer a range of features and integrations to help you manage your team's tasks and improve your workflow.

Some free scheduling software alternatives you could try include ClickUp, Bitrix24, Freedcamp, and Zoho Projects. These software options offer basic scheduling features and are suitable for small teams or startups. However, they may have limitations in terms of functionality and support.