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Operations management tools such as delivery software are designed to facilitate the ordering and handling of tasks, as well as the shipment. 

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What is online delivery software?


Delivery software is a computerized parcel tracking tool. It enables you to closely monitor the delivery from the time the package leaves until it arrives at the customer's premises. They also provide some functionalities such as order management, the aim being to offer a fast and satisfactory service. 

How does it work?

Overall, this type of software optimizes delivery management. To achieve this objective, the tool is programmed to automate most of the tasks performed by the ordering department. In particular, these tools are designed to find the most convenient transport route to reach the recipient in time. Once the truck has left, the software allows its tracking and tracing until the package has arrived. The software offers a possibility to photograph this shipment to manage order returns. 

The functionalities provided by these programs vary from one software to another. Nevertheless, the principle is the same: satisfy customers in the delivery of their goods and make the company's work as light as possible. 

What are the main features of SaaS delivery software? 

Fleet management

In general, delivery software includes a module to optimize fleet management. This allows real-time monitoring of vehicles and drivers. It also manages field work to analyze employee performance and service quality. This feature is intended to improve the company's productivity in terms of delivery.  

Merchandise management

Delivery software avoids delivery errors as much as possible. The reason is simple: it proposes the loading order according to the route to be taken. These software programs offer a visual capture of the action as well as the status of the packages to avoid returns from customers, things that can be expensive for the company. 

Delivery management 

E-commerce often encounters problems, especially in the delivery sector. Using such software will eliminate these problems, thanks to the tracking of goods and actions taken by the carrier. Automating fleet management will also allow real-time monitoring of vehicles and their routes. Once the packages have arrived, the delivery person will be required to communicate the arrival times. The signature made by the customer will also be captured by screen and sent directly to the order managers for proof.   

Who uses delivery software?

Delivery software is primarily intended for large companies that receive or send a large number of orders. Between tracking carriers and meeting delivery deadlines, small businesses can also use these programs. The same applies to e-merchants who offer a delivery service.

The work requiring online order management is not simple, so using this type of application will allow them to lighten their activities while ensuring their efficiency.  

Why use delivery software in a company? 


  • Improves the quality of services
  • No errors in delivery and pick-up
  • Better management of unplanned deliveries
  • Adherence to delivery times, significantly improving the customer experience
  • Better trip management, reducing fuel costs relatively
  • Reduction of litigation problems 
  • The user is kept informed of the delivery of his package 


  • Professional software is not available in free version 

How to choose an online delivery software? 

For a carrier, ensuring deliveries remains their main challenge. To do this, they must choose the tool taking into account the following criteria:  

  • Quality of service: some publishers offer free updates. Others include the cost of support in the price of the software. In the long term, its offers can have a positive impact on the budget allocated to the tool. It is also important that the software is accompanied by a customer service representative who can help immediately in the event of a technical problem.  
  • The functionalities essential to the structure: the performance of a software depends above all on the needs of the user. He must therefore determine the functionalities that can help him in his work before choosing the appropriate tool. 
  • Cost: delivery software is offered at different prices. The ideal is to choose one that can meet the company's requirements, without the cost being too expensive. Namely that the software can be configured, according to the needs of the requester.

The best free and open source delivery software

  • CoopCycle
  • Mapotempo

The most popular delivery software 
For SMEs

  • Zetes
  • ActionShip

For VSEs

  • Freightistics
  • Linbis


  • RocketShiplt
  • eBoarding
  • Shippo

Managing an e-commerce or industry requires the use of a delivery planning tool to ensure the best possible service and brand reputation. Delivery software is the ideal solution to intelligently choose your delivery method and satisfy your customers.

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