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Optimy is the client-oriented sponsorship and sponsorship software that has the confidence of more than 230 organizations worldwide and a retention rate of more than 98%.

Optimy is not a fixed package, you choose and pay only what you need.

Application management, project organization, evaluation and audit of the activity ... Optimy covers a wide range of processes in order to optimize your performance to the maximum.

Requests - A stack of unsorted requests? Streamline the flow of incoming requests to allow for a customized response to each requestor.

Projects - Need a quick project launch? Manage and collaborate on all your current projects: management and assignment of tasks, sharing of documents, etc. All this from a single interface.

Evaluation - Need an overview of the results? Based on your key performance indicators, automatically note and classify your new projects, current and past projects.

Audit - Is your effort worth it? Easily get an overview of your activities at your group level and collect key data to generate reports and graphs.

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€450 /month for 2 users


Project Management
Backlog Management
Demand Management
Priority Management
Project Planning
Project Portfolio (PPM)
Project Profitability Return On Investment
Project Report
Project Requests
Projects Overview / Follow Up
Recurring Tasks
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project
Sales Force Automation
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company


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Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)
Wireframe Examples and Benefits for Business Analysts
Nothing is more difficult than creating a website and not getting the visits you expected. It is probably because the wireframe's design was not used. A wireframe is the core to a webpage, it's the vision before the final product. It gives you the visual and interaction a future visitor will have. Easily modifiable, business analysts and designers ideas become align.
How to write meeting minutes for board of directors and other participants
Missed a meeting and can't really trust word-of-mouth? No worries, minutes meeting is here for you. It is a written text of the main topics of the meeting to certify and notify attendees and absentees of true information. Plus, it's a track record that can always be useful and read for upcoming meetings, if need be.

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