Deliverect: manage orders for food delivery platforms

Deliverect allows restaurants to manage orders from all delivery platforms in one place. This allows restaurant owners to centralize all their orders through a single platform, thus increasing productivity.

Automatic integration of your third-party delivery channels and your POS

Deliverect registers the orders placed on the delivery platforms (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, etc...) then transmits the details directly to the restaurant's cash desk.

Managing information on the Deliverect platform

When there is a change in the operation of the restaurant (change in the menus, a product is no longer available...), the restaurant owner has the possibility to make the necessary changes on Deliverect. Then the modified information will be automatically updated on all food delivery platforms.

A performance management tool

Deliverect has a feature that analyzes restaurant performance on each delivery platform. This way it is possible to understand what appeals to the consumer, and consequently try to increase sales. 


  • facilitating payment for restaurant owners
  • automatic data update on all platforms
  • sales analysis

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