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Our selection of 27 recreational activities software

Streamline personal training with intuitive software that tracks client progress, creates workouts, and manages schedules.

Hexfit's user-friendly interface simplifies client management, supports customised programming, and facilitates communication between trainers and their clients.

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More than 17,000 animated exercises available

Complete tool for fitness professionals

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Streamline staff scheduling and attendance tracking with this cloud-based planning software.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, this software simplifies the scheduling process, allowing managers to quickly assign shifts and manage leave requests. Its real-time attendance tracking system ensures accurate payroll and eliminates the need for manual timecards.

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Complete solution from scheduling to payroll

Quick and intuitive to use

Online support with response time of less than 3 minutes

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Streamline payroll tasks with intuitive software that automates time tracking, employee data management and tax calculations.

Payroll management has never been easier. PayFit simplifies HR processes by integrating time tracking, leave requests, and employee data management. It also automates tax calculations, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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Opt for a modern and easy-to-use payroll software.

Integrate payroll, HR, expenses, all-in-one tool.

Automate HMRC & pension submissions.

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Pricing on request

Streamline your document management with powerful features and intuitive interface. Easy search and retrieval, secure access and sharing, and automated workflows.

Dokmee's robust document management system offers advanced features such as OCR, version control, and audit trails. Customizable permissions, integrations with popular apps, and cloud-based storage make it a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Simplicité de déploiement

Simplicité d'utilisation

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Streamline your restaurant operations with a powerful cash register software. Manage orders, inventory, and payments with ease.

With the ability to customize menus, track sales in real-time, and generate detailed reports, this software is the perfect solution for any restaurant looking to increase efficiency and profitability. Plus, it's user-friendly interface makes training staff a breeze.

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All-in-one platform

Multiple integrations

Unlimited support

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Streamline your vacation rental management with powerful software that simplifies bookings, payments, and communication.

BookingSync offers a comprehensive solution for managing your vacation rentals, with features such as automated guest communication, real-time availability calendars, and online payment processing. With BookingSync, you can easily manage multiple properties, streamline your workflow, and increase your revenue.

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Streamline gym management with software designed to schedule classes, track attendance, and manage payments.

MonClubSportif simplifies gym management with automated class scheduling, attendance tracking, and payment processing. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it easy to manage your gym's operations.

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Attendance management

Synchronization of the team's calendar with yours

Simplified communication between coach, parents and players

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Streamline your vacation rental business with software designed to manage bookings, payments and communication with guests.

Lodgify allows property owners to easily create their own website, with integrated booking and payment systems, and automate communication with guests through email and text messages. The software also includes a channel manager to sync availability and rates across multiple online travel agencies.

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7-day free trial. No credit card required!

Channel Manager connected with the top booking channels

Accept payments on your own mobile friendly website

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Streamline travel bookings and management with our powerful SaaS software designed for travel agencies. Automate processes, track reservations and payments with ease.

With Ezus, you can integrate with popular travel booking platforms, manage multiple bookings and view real-time data on sales and revenue. The software's user-friendly interface makes it easy to generate invoices, reports and customised itineraries for clients.

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Automated & Customized Travel Documents in a website

Quotation & Program Builder streamlined

Management of Suppliers & Customers

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Streamline hotel management with cloud-based software. Automate bookings, track inventory, and manage staff with ease.

Misterbooking PMS is the ultimate hotel software solution. With real-time availability updates, automated guest communication, and easy-to-use reporting tools, managing your hotel has never been simpler. Say goodbye to double bookings and manual inventory updates and hello to increased efficiency and profitability.

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Cloud PMS that fits your hotel needs

Hotline and technical support included

Native channel manager and booking engine

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Manage hotel operations with ease. Automate bookings, payments and tasks. Improve guest experience.

With this Hotel SaaS software, streamline your day-to-day operations. Its intuitive interface automates bookings, payments, and tasks, freeing up time for more important tasks. It also enhances the guest experience by providing real-time availability and a simple booking process.

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Fully integrated PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine and More

Cloud-based Software


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Streamline catering operations with a cloud-based solution. Automate inventory tracking, order management, and menu customization for seamless service.

Manage food costs, track sales trends, and access real-time reporting with ease. Toast POS offers a user-friendly platform that optimizes your catering business.

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Streamline vacation rental management with easy scheduling, automated messaging, and powerful reporting.

Properly simplifies the process of managing vacation rentals with its user-friendly interface. Schedule cleanings and maintenance with ease, and communicate with guests automatically through customised messaging. Gain valuable insights with detailed reporting on property performance.

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Schedule a turnover job from your bookings calendar

Source experienced cleaners

Instant verification photos, reporting problems, feedbacks

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Pricing on request

Hotel software for easy management of bookings, reservations, and guests. Automated billing and invoicing, customizable reports, and real-time occupancy updates.

Thaïs-PMS simplifies hotel management by streamlining booking and reservation processes. Its automated billing and invoicing system saves time and reduces errors. Customizable reports provide valuable insights, while real-time occupancy updates ensure efficient room allocation.

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Paid version from €59.00 /month

Streamline your gym operations with powerful management tools. Automate tasks, manage memberships, and track performance metrics.

With Playtomic's gym management software, you can quickly create workout plans, assign trainers, and manage schedules. Plus, our booking system makes it easy for members to reserve classes and equipment. Stay on top of your business with real-time reporting and analytics.

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Pricing on request

Easily manage and run contests with our software. Create custom rules, collect entries, and select winners effortlessly. simplifies the process of running contests by providing a user-friendly platform that allows you to set up rules, collect entries, and select winners quickly. With our software, you can easily manage multiple contests and track their progress in real-time. Plus, our customization options allow you to tailor your contests to your brand and audience.

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Application management

Digitisation of registration processes

Collaborative management interface

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Streamline hotel operations with our cloud-based software. Manage reservations, housekeeping, billing, and more with ease.

Octopus24's hotel software offers real-time updates, automated reporting, and integrations with third-party systems. Its user-friendly interface and mobile access make it a must-have for busy hoteliers.

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LEAN is the most advanced property management system available on the market, developed in the Canary Islands.

This innovative software is updated weekly to always offer the latest version, incorporating improvements and new features constantly.

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Multiple integrations

Multi-property management


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Pricing on request

POK is a self-service kiosk designed to innovate and optimize processes, reducing operational costs and increasing sales.

With POK, we achieve registrations in 30 seconds, and it also manages Pre Check-in Online and Check-out. It features a modern design and, thanks to its intuitive interface, provides the best user experience.

Read our analysis about POK Point of Kiosk Benefits of POK Point of Kiosk

Intuitive design and focus on user experience

Indoor and outdoor Hardwares

Online Pre Check-in process submission

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Pricing on request

Streamline your catering business with powerful POS software. Automate orders, track inventory, and manage staff with ease.

The software's intuitive interface allows you to manage multiple locations, create custom menus, and generate detailed reports. Plus, its cloud-based system ensures seamless updates and secure data storage.

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