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Easily manage your hotel's wealth of information by selecting a recreational activity software! Responding to multiple needs, hotel software is an essential solution for the commercial management of your establishment.

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Our selection of 6 hotel software

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Boost your email marketing with advanced automation, personalisation, and segmentation tools.

ActiveTrail's sophisticated software allows you to create targeted campaigns, track results, and optimise your strategy. With features like drag-and-drop email builders, A/B testing, and real-time analytics, you can maximise engagement and conversions.

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New emailing editor

Powerful multichannel marketing automation

Optimal deliverability

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Streamline hotel management with cloud-based software. Automate bookings, track inventory, and manage staff with ease.

Misterbooking PMS is the ultimate hotel software solution. With real-time availability updates, automated guest communication, and easy-to-use reporting tools, managing your hotel has never been simpler. Say goodbye to double bookings and manual inventory updates and hello to increased efficiency and profitability.

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Cloud PMS that fits your hotel needs

Hotline and technical support included

Native channel manager and booking engine

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Streamline hotel operations with powerful cloud-based software. Manage bookings, inventory, and guests with ease.

OPERA's hotel software provides a comprehensive solution for managing hotel operations. With features such as real-time inventory management, guest profiles, and integrated payment processing, hotel staff can focus on providing exceptional guest experiences. Plus, the cloud-based platform allows for easy access to information from anywhere, at any time.

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Hotel software for easy management of bookings, reservations, and guests. Automated billing and invoicing, customizable reports, and real-time occupancy updates.

Thaïs-PMS simplifies hotel management by streamlining booking and reservation processes. Its automated billing and invoicing system saves time and reduces errors. Customizable reports provide valuable insights, while real-time occupancy updates ensure efficient room allocation.

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Streamline hotel operations with our cloud-based software. Manage reservations, housekeeping, billing, and more with ease.

Octopus24's hotel software offers real-time updates, automated reporting, and integrations with third-party systems. Its user-friendly interface and mobile access make it a must-have for busy hoteliers.

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A comprehensive hotel management tool offering booking, billing, and customer management.

Lean Hotel System PMS stands out as a comprehensive hotel management solution. Designed with the needs of hoteliers in mind, it offers streamlined processes for reservations, billing, customer management, and even insights into occupancy trends to optimise room rates. Its user-friendly interface and robust support system ensure a seamless operational experience for hotels of all sizes.

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Multiple integrations

Multi-property management


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Hotel softwares: Q&A

Hotel software is designed to automate and streamline hotel operations, from reservations to check-ins and check-outs. It works by providing a centralised platform that allows hotel staff to manage guest information, room availability, and financial transactions. The software can also help hotels to manage their online presence, including booking engines and social media integration.

When selecting hotel software, features to consider include online booking, channel management, front desk management, housekeeping management, guest management, and billing and payments. Additional features such as integrations with third-party systems, reporting and analytics, and mobile access can also be beneficial.

Hotel software can offer several advantages, including increased efficiency, improved guest experience, better revenue management, and reduced operating costs. With automated processes, hotels can save time and resources while providing a seamless and personalised guest experience. The software can also help with forecasting and pricing strategies, leading to better financial outcomes.

The best hotel software options depend on specific business needs and budget. Some popular options include Oracle Hospitality, Guestline, Cloudbeds, and RMS Cloud. These software solutions offer a range of features, from property management to distribution and revenue management, catering to different types and sizes of hotels.

Open-source hotel software solutions such as HotelDruid, QloApps, and Hotelogix offer free versions with basic features for small and medium-sized hotels. Other free options include InnQuest's roomMaster Express, which provides front desk management, and Clock PMS, which offers online booking and channel management. However, it's important to note that free versions may have limited capabilities and support.