CFAST - telecom software: CRM - Provisioning and Billing for telecom operators

CFAST is a SaaS solution developped 8 years ago by french telecom operators. We now have worldwide clients. 

CFAST helps you tu run your business from prospecting to billing. 

CFAST is used by MVNO's, MVNE's, service providers, A-level, B-Level or C-level telecom operators.

Each CFAST is tailored for our clients, from a plug and play solution to personalized features.

CFAST can be hosted on our servers or yours. 

Our features :

  • CRM -> hunt your futur clients on your CFAST
  • Billing -> manage your CDR, your reccuring revenues, unpaid bills in a few clicks, we also have piracy detection
  • Provisioning -> connect your CFAST to your providers and order services to them (VoIP, mobile, data or others).
  • Extranet for client -> Give acces a to a personalized extranet to your clients. They will have access to their documents, statistics or a request feature.
  • Ticketing -> Manage your trouble tickets on your CFAST
  • Reporting -> Your CFAST will generate important activity reports
  • Wholesales -> Create an ecosystem where your resselers will have acess to a CFAST branded with your colours. They will have access to your features (provisioning on your services, create a trouble ticket, charge their clients etc...)

Editor: Gestion Systemes Telecom

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Affiliates & Affiliators Management
Recurring Commissions
Revenue Sharing Split Commissions with more Affiliates
Billing & Invoicing
Auto-Calculation of VAT
Bundles Management
Client Portal
Collection Management
Consolidated Invoices
Credit Note Management
Custom Invoices
Dispute Management
Down Payment Management
EU and international invoices
Electronic Invoicing
Email Invoice as an attachment
Fixed price & time-based billing
Interest on late payment
International SEPA payment
Invoice ID Management
Late Payment Reminder
Multiple VAT rates
Paiement Failure Management
Payment follow-up
Plan Upgrade & Downgrade Management
Recurrent Billing
Reverse charge VAT
Subscription Management
Third-Party Payer Management
Tiers pricing management The more you buy, the cheaper it gets
Attachment management
Content Publishing & Sharing
Event Scheduling
Group management
PDF Annotation
Task management
Chat box / Instant Messaging Live discussion via a Webchat
Customer Support
Canned Responses
Case Management
Communications History
Customer Interface
Customer Support Dashboard
Help Desk
Live Chat
Recurrent Issues Management
Solution Management
Support Opening Hours
Tickets Allocation
Catalogue / Price Book
Contract Management
Goods / items Management
Inventory Management
Linking purchases to project
Product Datasheet
Purchasing Follow-up
Supplier Invoices Management
Supplier Orders Management
Technical Data Management Technical criteria related to one or several products
Sales Force Automation
Contact management People's details editing and individual follow-up
Contact type Client, Prospect
Product Catalogue Gallery of products for sale
Quote Proposal Avoidance
Sales report Conversion rate, team performance, best sales
Salesmen Commissioning
Taking of orders
Goods inwards / outwards Input and output
Inventory Valuation
Manufacturer Management
Minimum and Maximum Stocks
Out-of-Stock Alert
Product Location Management
Product Reference
Restocking Management

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