My DSO Manager: Cash Collection Software

Improve your cash flow with an efficient and intuitive Cash Collection Software!

My DSO Manager is an online SaaS (Software as a Service) Cash Collection Software proposed by P2B Solutions.

My DSO Manager was born from the observation that companies are financially penalized by late payments because they do not have a powerful solution to reduce them.

Our goal is to provide companies of all sizes (from small and medium-sized businesses to large groups) with easy-to-implement, intuitive and innovative Credit Management and debt collection software that allows them to improve their cash flow, ensure their sustainability and development.

Our approach is to use the power of modern technology to combine automation and customization. Indeed, we believe that an efficient cash recovery accelerates receipts while strengthening customer relationships through personalized contacts.

My DSO Manager is a software to streamline and customize interactions with customers to achieve business objectives that are:

  • improve cash flow and working capital requirement
  • increase sales while avoiding unpaid invoices and bad debts


Strengths of My DSO Manager

  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Affordable
  • Innovative

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Plans & Pricing

Version PRO
Version Personnalisée
US$59 /month /user
US$119 /month /user
US$239 /month /user
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Pièces non soldées max: 500

Pièces non soldées max: 2000

Pièces non soldées max: 4000 + Import via FTP / SFTP

+ Utilisateurs: illimité + Plateforme personnalisée ...


Data Import/Export
Shared Dashboards and Reports
Custom Charts
Billing & Invoicing
Client Portal
Collection Management
Dispute Management
Exchange Rate Management
Interest on Late Payments
Late Payment Reminder
Multi-currency Management Multiple currencies (euro, dollar, pound, etc.)
Payment Follow-Up
Sales Force Automation
Automated Reminders Notification in order to call back a prospect or a customer

Data hosted in the following countries: France

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