Cobbaï: Automate Customer Centricity

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The best SaaS platform to centralize and automate customer feedback analysis!

For fast-growing Companies & Brands

Customer-Centric. Omni-channel. No-code.

Don't bother reading every customer feedback... but still, understand everything they want! Listening to the voice of customers has never been that easy!

Step 1: Centralize Data

Cobbaï is an omni-channel platform that allows you to centralize the voice of your customers in one place.

Step 2: Manipulate trends

Discover an intuitive way to manipulate trends. Simple and fast! As easy as if you were working with figures on Excel.

Step 3: Automate actions

What to do with each new customer verbatim? What actions should be taken? Cobbaï offers automated workflows to maximize customer satisfaction

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Strengths of Cobbaï

  • No-code
  • Omni-Channel
  • Customer-centric

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In the FrenchSouth Cloud Week framework, exclusive interviews were conducted with 5 major web actors: Berger-Levrault, IBM, Oodrive, PwC and Zayo Group.

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