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What do we do?

The add-on is a reporting tool for your online marketing metrics in Google Sheets that automatize SEO reports and social media and web analysis. Its intuitive and comfortable drag and drop system to select data helps companies save time and maximize their productivity. fetches data from Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google DV360, Google Search Console, DCM, Microsoft Advertising and Criteo.

Best Supermetrics alternative

Our biggest advantages against Supermetrics are:

  • No limit API calls
  • A personalized and always available customer support.
  • FREE for the first 500 users.

Improving all the time

We are currently in beta and need early adopters from marketing and specialists in data analysis to test it and give us their feedback.  

More data sources will be added once it is released in production. Meanwhile you can also vote for the ones you want to be added first.

Every reported bug or improvement proposal will help be the best tool for SEO, social media and web data analysis.

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Strengths of

  • No limit API calls
  • FREE
  • Great customer support service
  • Certifications: GDPR demo and screenshots customers

No customer reference pricing and features

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FREE For the first 500 users


Marketing Automation
Campaign Scheduling
Campaigns Management
Campaigns Reports Clics, ROI


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Real time data transfer with IBM
In the FrenchSouth Cloud Week framework, exclusive interviews were conducted with 5 major web actors: Berger-Levrault, IBM, Oodrive, PwC and Zayo Group.

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