CallBridge Mobile: Start mobile calls & SMS directly from computer

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What was missing between your PC and your smartphone

From any computer, control your smartphone(s) :

  • Launch Call
  • Send SMS
  • Add an appointment in the agenda
  • Create a new contact
  • Locate an address (GPS)

It's Wireless, no Bluetooth needed.

Works anywhere whether on the telephone network or Wifi: in the office, at home, on vacation ...

Just 1 click to start mobile calls + SMS, directly from any computer.

Works on iOS and Android.


Many possibilities to control your smartphone :

  • our PC module (certified COMODO)
  • with our WebApp Web CallBridge,
  • on our Chrome extension.

Call from your Computer

Select any telephone number:

  • in an email,
  • on a web page,
  • in a document (Office, PDF, ...)
  • on your professional software,

and in 1-click CallBridge Mobile composes, and dials the number on your smartphone.

Improved productivity (SMS, appointments, contacts ...)

With a simple keyboard shortcut:

  • Transfer a text, code, an SMS on your smartphone.
  • Add your appointment from the keyboard of your PC.
  • Send a list of numbers to call, you start in one swipe of the desired time

And many other features.

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Strengths of CallBridge Mobile

CallBridge Mobile demo and screenshots

YOu start calls / SMS immediately or put them in the list of notifications for later Ultra fast connection with the QR Code. You are functional in less than 5 minutes. The PC module available. With direct input module or keyboard shortcuts for unparalleled efficiency. Moving ? You can use CallBridge from any position with our SaaS interface. Your smartphone receives orders immediately.

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€19.99 /month /user

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Event Scheduling
Call Transfer to Mobile Device
Notifications Email, sms, or pop-up window that alerts you of an action
SMS Short Message System
Contact Manager Search and organization application for professionnal contacts
Shared Contacts Contacts viewed and updated by multiple people
Customer Support
Customer Community (Forum, FAQ)
Communications History
Feedback & Customer Satisfaction
Live Chat
Tickets Allocation
Sales Force Automation
Calls Management On-screen display of information related to an incoming call
Incoming Line Management
Phone Call Routing
Phone Hours


Integration & Interoperability
Telecom Network
Web Browser Extension
Windows OS
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Device Remote Control
Mobile App
Responsive Web Interface (RWD) Application crafting to provide an optimal experience

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