Collaboration Tools and Software

Collaboration Software serves as a single objective: making people work to together no matter how far they are from each other. Collaboration tools support daily tasks such as co-editing documents, planning projects and following up with tasks. Increasing productivity due to collaboration software is an excellent way to gain productivity and develop a business faster.

List of the Best Tools and Collaborative Software

Document Management
Project Management

Organisation, projects and tasks management

Appointment Scheduling Software

#1 Project Management Tool For Teams

Agile Task Management Tool

Software about File Sharing & Sync

Management software for clubs and sports facilities.

Conducting projects and facilitating work groups

Property Management System and Channel Manager

BPM and GRC Software

Project Management & Teamwork App

Project and Portfolio Management the Easy Way

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Open Bee Digital Platform

Take the paper out of sending postal mail or fax

cloud-based document process automation software

Build and manage visually attractive apps with ease

Multi-device files sync

Electronic Signature Software

Motivate your sales team to increase sales

All-in-one workplace for teams

The most intuitive platform to manage projects and teamwork

Hystocyb, automated and secured data historization

Send large files in one click....

Train and onboard employees on Cloud App

Make learning awesome and effective

Project management, at its maximum efficiency

Online project management solution based on Gantt charts

Form Builder Software

The Digital Workplace Intelligent Suite on Office 365

Project Management Software

A crowdsourcing solution to mind map ideas and innovate

Form Builder Software

1st PC/Mac software allowing ebooks signing

Form Builder Software

PM tool for the project manager and his team

Simpliest tasks and projects management software

Secure Video Conferencing

Stay close to your networks!

The Most Advanced Webinar Software

Electronic Signature Software

Project and Resource Management Software

The world's leading Enterprise Social Networking software

Flexible Enterprise Project Management software

You will love to manage your IP Portfolio !

Sport team management app

Unique and secure management console designed for continuous

Help authoring tool producing multiple documentation formats

Incorporates all communication channels

Augmented Reality Software Online. Do it yourself.

Microsoft's cloud-based collaborative suite

The Guide to Using Collaborative Tools

These may not be the same terms: workgroup software, groupware, collaboration software, etc.- but the goal is still the same: to allow a group of users to work together in a single workspace without necessarily being together. You will have access to the most common web applications: messaging, office suite, document sharing, instant chat, calendar or social network. All data is stored in the cloud, secure and accessible wherever you are. You will give all the tools to your team to go towards the same goal. To learn more about these digital working methods, discover our guides on collaboration

Collaboration solutions

An Agenda Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Collaboration. Find and compare Calendar Software for your business.

A Meeting Software allows you to manage all tasks related to Communications. Find and compare Meeting Software for your business.

Complementary solutions of Collaboration

Accounting & Finance

Sales & Customer Management


Operations Management

Human Resources (HR)


IT Services