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Online appointment scheduling software provides customers with a portal to book an appointment online, and enables businesses to track and manage those appointments.. This software enables businesses to schedule appointments, view calendars, print schedules and forms, customize schedules, and enforce scheduling rules. Additional features can include: built-in, automated emails (reminders, follow-ups, cancellations, rescheduling, etc.) and/or notifications, online payment for services, custom profiles, and calendar integrations. These tools are used by a variety of business segments, such as health and wellness professionals, salon and beauty professionals, professional service providers, and medical professionals. Online scheduling software can integrate with content management systems, website builders, email, and calendar tools, among others.

To qualify for inclusion in the Online Appointment Scheduling category, a product must:

  • Have a scheduler that can be viewed, managed, and edited by administrators and multiple users
  • Provide multiple calendar views by user
  • Gather contact information for appointment-makers
  • Send appointment notifications to customers

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