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File transfer software allows you to send an electronic document to a recipient without going through a traditional messaging system. This process considerably reduces the size of mailboxes and makes it possible to send very large files.

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Our selection of 7 file transfer software

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Streamline document management, improve collaboration and boost productivity with this powerful software.

Manage, organise and access all your documents from a single platform. Customisable workflows, version control and secure access for remote teams. Integrate with other systems for seamless collaboration.

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Advanced document management based on metadata

Business process automation to unlock efficiencies

A secure cloud solution also available On-Premises

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Paid version from €100.00 /month

A powerful portal software that streamlines communication and collaboration between teams, clients and partners.

With features like task management, file sharing, and secure messaging, this software enables seamless workflows and improves productivity. Its user-friendly interface and customisable dashboards make it easy to manage projects and track progress.

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Streamlined document-centric processes

Better team collaboration & productivity

Enhanced security and compliance for your business

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Securely transfer and share files with ease.

BlueFiles provides end-to-end encryption, password protection, and customizable access controls to ensure secure file sharing. Its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make file transfer a breeze. Plus, its tracking and audit capabilities keep you informed on who has accessed your files.

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Security, Simplicity, Sovereignty, Sobriety

Outlook addin

Secure deposit page

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Paid version from €8.00 /month

Securely transfer large files with ease.

TransferNow allows you to send files up to 20GB, with password protection and an expiration date option. Plus, with its user-friendly interface, you can easily track your transfers and receive notifications when they're downloaded.

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Security, Simplicity, Sovereignty

Secure sending and receiving of files

Encryption of data in transit and at rest

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Paid version from €3.00 /month

Securely transfer large files with ease. Enjoy fast upload and download speeds, customizable access and password protection.

LockTransfer allows you to transfer files up to 5GB with no hassle. You can choose who has access to your files and set passwords for added security. Enjoy fast transfer speeds and track your transfers with ease.

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A simple interface for sharing sensitive data

An interface with messaging system (plugin)

Secure exchange areas accessible in 3 clicks

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Paid version from US$12.00 /month

Efficiently transfer large files with ease using this software.

With a user-friendly interface and fast transfer speeds, this software allows you to easily send files up to 2GB in size. It also offers a range of security features, including password protection and link expiry dates, to ensure your files remain secure.

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Securely transfer large files with ease using this SaaS software. Share files with anyone, anywhere, and on any device quickly and securely.

With advanced security features like password protection and end-to-end encryption, this software ensures that your files remain safe during transfer. It also offers customizable branding options to enhance your company's image.

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File Transfer softwares: Q&A

File transfer software enables users to transfer files from one location to another via the internet. The software uses a protocol to ensure secure and efficient transfer of data. The most common protocols used are FTP, SFTP, and HTTPS.

When choosing file transfer software, it is important to consider features such as speed, security, file size limits, scheduling options, and ease of use. Look for software that offers encryption, compression, and integration with other systems.

File transfer software enables businesses to securely and easily transfer files between employees, partners, and customers. This can improve collaboration, increase productivity, and reduce costs associated with traditional methods such as mail or courier services.

There are many file transfer software options available in the UK market, including popular ones like FileZilla, SmartFTP, and Ipswitch. The best option depends on your specific needs and requirements, so it is important to research and compare different options.

There are several free file transfer software options available, including FileZilla, WinSCP, and Cyberduck. While these options may not have all the features of paid software, they can still provide secure and reliable file transfer solutions for small businesses or individual use.