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WeTransfer is an online file-transferring tool. Whilst professional mailboxes are limited to 20Mo, the free version of WeTransfer allows users to send up to 2Go. The premium version allows you to send documents up to 20Go. A simple download link is then sent to the recipient(s), allowing them to recover the file in one click.

How does WeTransfer work?

WeTransfer enables you to temporarily send large files via a server to your chosen recipient, who can then download them. The size of the file containing the link is insignificant, which means that you will not be clogging up your contact's mailbox. The "Plus" version of WeTransfer allows you to store files for as long as you like. You also remain in control of your documents should you wish to delete them, for confidentiality purposes, for example

Secure your files sent with WeTransfer

The premium version of WeTransfer also allows you to secure file downloads thanks to a password which you can communicate to your recipient by telephone, for example. Therefore, even if the download link ends up in the wrong hands, nothing will be accessible without the password.

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Jusqu'à 20Go, Mot de passe, stockage à long terme


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