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If you need a document signed today, you must send it by email then the recipient must print it, have it signed, scan it and send it back to you by email. These are all steps that waste a tremendous amount of time and require more people than necessary.

Electronic signature software allows you to sign the document online directly. Stop wasting time and choose the right collaborative software.

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Tips on electronic signature

An Electronic signature software allows users to collect signatures on electronically shared documents, eliminating the need for physical documents to record handwritten signatures for businesses of all sizes.

This platform facilitates the distribution of legally sensitive documents for the signature process with a paperless approach. Organizations use electronic signature software to encrypt documents, such as sales contracts or employment documents, for which signatures from customers, employees or partners are often required. Electronic signature software therefore allows for better collaboration.

An Electronic signature software often integrates with third-party applications, including sales, ERP, CRM, human resources management and supply chain management suites. This is to facilitate quotation, contract and supplier management efforts. Integrated security standards that meet local and federal legal requirements further simplify the process of exchanging legal documents and ensure legitimacy.

What are electronic signature solutions?


Contracts and amendments signed in a few seconds by an employee who is not in your office, it is possible! Discover the many features of electronic signature software. With strong authentication and archiving with probative value, the dematerialization of documents is a real revolution in the automation of certain processes. Transmit your documents and attached files electronically in few seconds and without any risk to the security of information systems with electronic signature platforms.

How does it work?

Each electronic signature request can be configured to define its security level and authentication: 

  • Electronic PDF documents are sent by e-mail or are subject to a notification inviting the recipient to sign.
  • The individual affixes an electronic signature to the electronic document.
  • The contract is automatically returned to you once signed.

User can access information through electronic management and document archiving. Electronic invoicing, quotations, payslips, purchase orders, reduce the paper support within your company and display an eco-responsible image thanks to the dematerialization of your company's documents. Forget about handwritten signatures that waste your time!

What are the main features of electronic signature software?

For electronic document management and online signature, choose a powerful software and especially a dematerialization with certification authority. Check that it has certain features:

  • The automatic generation of your pre-filled contracts;
  • The signature with qualified certification;
  • Notifications and reminders via mail
  • A configurable signature level;
  • Automatic electronic archiving and simple and fast document management;
  • An electronic safe attributable to each of your employees;
  • The reliable audit trail with traceability of the different stages of document processing;
  • The scalability of your software solution;
  • The digitalization of exchanges between HR and employees.

Benefits from digital transformation, the latest electronic signature software includes biometric recognition in the signature workflow. The use of fingerprints significantly reduces cybersecurity issues.

Who uses electronic signature software?

Digital signature software facilitates all signature processes for both internal and regulated transactions. In the face of the digital economy and the digitalization of society, these IT solutions are suitable for both large organizations and small and medium-sized businesses.

Why use electronic signature software in companies?

The use of electronic signature software and digital certification saves you time by eliminating paper, scanned, reprinted, re-scanned and other documents. However, they have both pro & con.


  • The speed of processing and distribution of your documents in electronic format;
  • Tax dematerialization in accordance with the European directive;
  • The digital certificate has the same value as a handwritten signature;
  • More security in electronic exchanges and the signing of a document by a trusted third party;
  • Reduce the costs associated with processing paper documents;
  • Automation of the electronic archiving of your HR documents;
  • Easier collaborative work and centralization of your information;
  • Simplification of processes and more comfort in order to exchange your data;
  • A global digital transformation strategy and the image of an innovative company;
  • Reducing the travel required to retrieve signed paper documents.
  • An ideal support for telemarketing or retailing without a point of sale.
  • A CSR approach that benefits the environment. 


  • Beware of security breaches that could compromise the confidentiality of your contracts or risk identity theft. 
  • A signed document can easily be falsified by malicious individuals. 

How to choose an electronic signature software?

The electronic signature software can be offered in SaaS mode or as an internal installation. Both dematerialization solutions have advantages and disadvantages.

The Saas: 

  • Quicker installation and greater flexibility thanks to the possibility of upgrading;
  • Assistance by a technical service for any question or malfunction;
  • The possibility to consult your data wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection;
  • A staggering of your expenses because SaaS service providers often offer monthly subscriptions and various offers;
  • The performance of digital archiving and electronic signature tools;
  • A more responsible approach with a lower need for computer equipment.

The software internally:

  • Securing the data that is stored on your own servers;
  • A fixed budget because SaaS mode can generate a higher cost in the long term and additional applications are often very expensive.
  • Software that belongs to you, unlike SaaS mode, which can be dangerous if you do not select a serious service provider. 

Secure the signature of your digital documents by choosing electronic document management software! Also ensure digital archiving and the possibility of having an electronic safe to store contracts, pay slips and any other dematerialized document!

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