Yousign: in summary

Yousign is the easy-to-use, legally binding eSignature, and contract automation solution that is helping more than 13 000 SMBs power their agreements. Our platform streamlines your approval workflows, secures your agreements, and enables you to offer a top-notch experience to your customers, partners, and teams.

We deliver a seamless and personalized signing experience with compliance at its core. As a trusted third party, certification authority, and eIDAS-certified solution, we always ensure the legal validity of your signatures.

Signing documents electronically with Yousign

Yousign's operating system is very simple and suits the dematerialization of documents. It makes it possible to securely dematerialize handwritten signatures and to digitalize processes for electronic document signing. Simply select the signatory, drag the paperless documents to be signed and the designated persons will be able to  add their eSignature to the documents.

You can sign all types of documents in any format- PDFs, Microsoft Word Excel and more:

  • Commercial documents (contracts, quotations, etc.),
  • Signature of HR documents (employment contracts, etc.),
  • Financial documents, etc.

Yousign works on a monthly per user subscription model through a Saas software or using an API with a per signature pack subscription model. The variety of models offered makes it possible to adapt to all needs whether you are an SMB or a larger company.

Secure solutions with probative value

As a trusted third party compliant with European legislation, Yousign provides a secure response to the electronic signature issues of European companies.

The data is hosted in two data centers in France, in a secure and reliable infrastructure.

With Yousign, you will no longer waste time printing your documents to sign them manually, scan them and send them to your partners. Our eSignature enables your partners to sign securely and overcome geographical distances by allowing them to sign documents online. The workflow of data processing is thus automated.

Yousign enables your business to…

…Be productive

  • Approve, send, and sign all documents in just a few clicks from anywhere
  • Automate tracking and speed up signatures
  • Easily integrate with your existing solutions

…Be secure

  • Strengthen data security and traceability
  • Provide centralized legally binding signatures

…Be collaborative

  • Ensure immediate adoption and better collaboration
  • Streamline and standardize processes

…Be unique

  • Offer a high-quality signing experience to both users and end-users
  • Enhance the brand image and ensure consistency

Its benefits

3 minutes to create and send a signature request

45% increase in conversion on digitalized signature journeys

100% eIDAS and RGPD compliant

Certifications:eIDAS, ETSI, ANSSI, GDPR

Yousign - Video
Yousign - Simply create and send signature requests in minutes!
Yousign - Application home to follow all signature requests in real-time.
Yousign - An authentication step by email or SMS can be added before signing.

Yousign: its rates

/month /user
/month /user
/month /user
On demand
On demand

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Very happy with Yousign


Very happy with Yousign

Marco Dupontifo, Digital Consulting, published on 05/08/2019 Certified reviews

Easy to use, reactive support, transparent pricing, in other words it's absolutely perfect for my needs!

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Based on 131 reviews