GoSign: in summary

How much time do you need to sign a contract?

Approval and signature processes are essential for companies’ day-to-day operations. For this reason, streamlining processes is important not only to reduce operational time but also the costs of time-consuming activities.

GoSign, the Open Signature Platform by InfoCert, enables easy and smart management of signature processes. GoSign allows you to simplify both internal and external workflows and to easily interact with colleagues or customers and execute your decisions immediately, anytime, and anywhere!

GoSign allows you to approve, seal and sign any kind of documents anywhere and anytime, empowering the trust level of your digital transaction. Our application is dedicated to all enterprises, SMBs’ and professionals, who every day need to sign contracts, bills, offers and other important documents.

Thanks to our platform, you can sign and approve documents on the web or via App, get documents signed from your colleagues or your customers and manage everything digitally.

5 Reasons to start using GoSign right away:

1. With GoSign you can digitally manage any signing process with the highest legal value and a simplest user experience

2. GoSign can be easily integrated with external applications

3. GoSign works with all kind of electronic signatures eIDAS compliant

4. With GoSign your work is always with you, online or via App

5. With GoSign you’ll get full control of processes and approvals

GoSign supports every business function to unlock digital transformation

Its benefits

Time gained, money saved

Sign documents at anytime and anywhere in an easy way

Full legal and regulatory compliance

Full process and transaction governance

Certifications:ISO 27001, ISO 9001, eIDAS, ETSI, GDPR

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GoSign: its rates

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On demand

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