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What is Document360?

Document360 is a Saas platform that helps you to build a great self-service knowledge base for your customers and internal users — public or private knowledge bases.

As a Knowledge base, the software helps you to create and manage and publish your articles in real-time. Customization tools, category manager, version control, and security features that lets you see and experience the rich authoring and brand experience. 

The software can also increase the team's collaboration and share knowledge internally to the support team. It features real-time data from dashboards and inbuilt advanced analytics to report on the most important information on what the customers are expecting from your knowledge base and how to improve it. 

Why Switch to Document360?

Document360 is built to self-support your customers, reduce the cost of customer support, improve onboarding and avoid the risk of losing the information internally. These are the common benefits companies experience while using Document360 as a Knowledge management platform.

In aspects of internal Knowledgebase, Document360 facilitates the environment for all technical and non-technical users to make sure your team is actively contributing and consuming your documentation.

You can also define a workflow to achieve good team management. User management is a crucial feature that enables users with different roles to access your documents.

As far as for external Knowledgebase, Document360 allows you to create an online library for your customers, providing them with instructions and help articles to troubleshoot the problems themselves. Have you tried our in-app assistance? It is contextual self-support to customers, so they can get help with a modern feature without leaving the page.

Feature Benefits

Private Documentation – The predominant function that secures the confidential knowledgebase articles by allowing access to certain users alone in Private documentation.

User Management – Specific access is given depending on their role functionality For example, Admin, Editor, Draft writer, Reader, etc.

Feedback and commenting – Your knowledge base articles need peer review before publishing. Document360 allows your peers to comment on the particular article/documents. So, the concerned person will get notified and perform at the earliest.

Versioning- This feature helps to manage updated information about your software and you have the possibility to perform an audit trail for the revision and roll back to any of the other older versions.

Multiple projects in a knowledge base – Document360 allows you to create multiple projects in a single place, which makes it easier to manage different projects and flexibility to add the team members to access it.

Super fast search- At Document360, you can search your knowledge base (in real-time) for articles that match the query. The most relevant articles are displayed in the list of suggestions to the user. 

Additional functions you may find helpful include the software’s bulk operation capability, daily backup tool, API access, redirection tool, and import and export features.

As for integrations, Document360 works seamlessly with third-party applications and business systems, such as Intercom, Disqus, Zendesk, Google Analytics, and more. You can plug in your preferred tools to extend the knowledge base ability from the internal team to customer support.

Editor: Kovai

Strengths of Document360

  • Scalability
  • Manage multiple knowledge bases from a single place
  • Built-in analytics and reporting
  • Certifications: GDPR

Document360 demo and screenshots

Features for Editors and Writers Features for End Users/Customers The performance chart gives you an overall picture of end-user interaction with your product knowledgebase Customer geography is displayed in a graphical heat map. The Landing Page is the first page an end-user will visit when looked into a your knowledgebase. With File manager you view, access and mange files. Reader self-registration can be enabled when a knowledge base is set to private instead of being invited by a project admin. Document360-appvizer-highlight_doccument_360

Document360 customers Harvard University Document360-microsoft small email Marketing Platform Stackify- App Development Software

Document360 pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Enterprise Plus
US$49 /month for 2 users
US$99 /month for 5 users
US$249 /month for 15 users
US$499 /month for 30 users


Interactive Dashboard
Application Settings
PDF Export
User Management
Articles & Products
Composite Articles
Computerized Maintenance Management System
Grouping of Articles
Collaborative Review
Knowledge Base, Wiki
Customer Support
Customer Community (Forum, FAQ)
Feedback & Customer Satisfaction
Live Chat
Customer Interface
Document Management
Document Library
Document Sharing (Files)
Document Synchronisation
Document Templates
Document Timestamp Official Timestamp on Documents
Document Versions
Full Text Search
Tags Management
Marketing Automation
Landing Page
Landing Page Template
Mailing Campaigns
Spam Complaints Management
Web Design
Custom CSS Style Sheet
Custom Domain Name
Custom Logo
HTML Code Edition
Photo Gallery
Video Player
Custom Favicon
Google Analytics Tracker


Integration & Interoperability
Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)
Social Networks Integration
Active Directory (AD) Integration
Security & Confidentiality
Daily Backups
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Access Restriction on IP Addresses

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