Gladys: in summary

Gladys is a project management solution that combines all the functions of a complete software associated with numerous collaborative services for greater customization of the interface. The application is accessible on a PC, smartphone, or tablet computer.

Project management with Gladys: more productivity and more sharing

Gladys is a collaborative platform that simplifies work in project mode:

  • A task management system allows you to organize a project into tasks and subtasks. Each task is accompanied by a deadline and is assigned to a contributor who is automatically notified

  • A document management system (DMS) centralizes files by project and allows them to be shared with team members

  • Instant messaging and a calendar simplify inter-individual and team communication

The Gladys collaborative platform allows you to monitor all your projects within a unified structured space:

  • You visualize the progress via the integrated planning tools: table, Kanban, Gantt, Retro planning

  • You follow the time spent (by individual, task, project) on the tool's dashboard

Build the project environment that suits you

The particularity of Gladys is to allow great customization of the environment.

  • Each project or workspace can have a customizable view to create its own project portal

  • You display and order the views you want to use on your projects

  • By using the services offered, you can integrate your creative tools (Mural, Mindmeister, etc.) and make your project an all-in-one entry point.

  • You build project models that your teams can reuse and thus standardize your project methodology.

Gladys BUSINESS, an advanced solution that adapts to your business needs

The Gladys solution is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and can also be easily adapted to large organizations in its Business version.

With its support program: Customer Success Program, Gladys’ teams configure the solution to meet your uses: collaborative Intranet, strategic business plan management, project portfolio management.

Many advanced modules are thus available, such as the comitology module which allows you to follow your committees and projects on the same platform and to gain efficiency in your decisions.

Its benefits

Simple and very neat interface

Full customization of workspaces

Collaborative innovation (ideation)


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