Clustdoc: in summary

What is Clustdoc?

Clustdoc is a client onboarding automation software used by modern teams to orchestrate, run and manage repeated industry-specific onboarding processes with clients or stakeholders.

Stop chasing data and files across multiple tools. With Clustdoc you'll be able to request, collect and review client's information, documents, econtracts and more, gathering all client’s information in a collaborative single platform.

With Clustdoc you can:

•Automate routine workflows - no more paper documents

•Get rid of manual tasks and decrease approval lag time

•Stop chasing data and files across multiple tools

•Improve customer engagement and satisfaction

Featuring advanced document management features, you’ll be able to easily run any customer onboarding process:

- Custom client portal - Onboarding checklist

- Identity verification module

- Shared inbox for clients and teams

- Unlimited process templates

- Guest access for stakeholders

- Onboarding workflows

- A free client management mobile app

- API access (1500+ integrations)

Tired of juggling with multiple tools to manage new clients?

Join Galileopartners, Deloitte, Stisi Group and 3,000+ others who use Clustdoc today.

Enjoy a 7-days free trial to see how Clustdoc can fit with your client onboarding requirements.

Its benefits

Streamlined document-centric processes

Better team collaboration & productivity

Enhanced security and compliance for your business

Processing times cut by up to 50%

Elevated customer experience and increased satisfaction

Certifications:eIDAS, GDPR

Clustdoc - Video
Clustdoc - Provide a fully branded mini website to their clients where onboarding tasks can be completed - no developer needed
Clustdoc - Build and end-end onboarding process involving multiple steps: forms, document requests, tasks, payments etc - all in one place
Clustdoc - Review, approve or deny submitted files with a click.
Clustdoc - Collect signatures on contracts or agreements from one or multiple stakeholders
Clustdoc - Clustdoc helps Small business owners and teams streamline their onboarding processes in more than 70 countries.

Clustdoc: its rates

/month /3 users
/month /5 users
On demand

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