Jamespot: Your career, in the hands of your enterprise social network

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Unleash the collaborative potential of your organization!

A collaborative solution that fits your challenges and objectives.

Are you looking for a collaborative platform for your company, you have specific collaboration needs for your team, or you want to boost your individual productivity every day?

Look no further, we have the solution!

Jamespot is a 100% SaaS collaborative solution, 100% secure and 100% customizable that fits your business challenges.

You want to set up a digital workplace, an intranet or an extranet? We have the solutions you need.

You want to develop your projects using agile methods, stimulate innovation, share the fruit of your intelligence? Again, we have the applications you need.

Thanks to our appstore with more than 80 collaborative applications, Jamespot fits your daily needs. Each business enhances its performance through the collaborative, deploying operational applications, focused on processes.

Choose / Pick the best collaborative platform for your business

Launched in 2005, the Jamespot solution has evolved over the years to fit new business challenges.

Today, we can launch your project in just a few days. To do so, we discuss on your needs and are able to identify the essential applications for the success of your project.

Thanks to SaaS, free yourself from the technique! No installation required, and in addition you will always have the latest version of Jamespot!

What are Jamespot’s direct benefits?

Once deployed in your organization, the Jamespot solution will quickly demonstrate its effectiveness. See rather:

  • Internal communication: to broadcast and relay information at all levels of the company.
  • Digital workplace: to unify digital technologies and create a unique workspace.
  • Agile project: to plan projects, assign tasks and track progress at a glance.
  • Supportive community: to identify and challenge the right people to deal with a problem.
  • Ideation: to collect a broad range of ideas and enhance collective intelligence.
  • Shared intelligence: to report and centralize the relevant information from the intelligence
  • Knowledge basis: to pool reference documents and capitalize on collective knowledge
  • Collaborative process: to add a collaboration layer to a business process.

Similarly, our solution is 100% French, with a team based in France, 100% available when you are, by phone or technical support.

Today, more than 200 customers have chosen Jamespot (Bpifrance, Renault, Apec, Bercy, Ucanss, ...), why not you?

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Strengths of Jamespot

  • Internal communication
  • Digital workplace
  • Certifications: GDPR, UGAP by SCC

Jamespot demo and screenshots

Jamespot-1 Wall-min Jamespot-2 Smart Place-min Jamespot-3- Messenger-min Jamespot-4- Tableaux-min Jamespot-5- Idéation-min Jamespot-6- FAQ-min Jamespot-7 - Annuaire-min Jamespot-8- Banque Doc-min Jamespot-9 - Smart Page-min

Jamespot customers

Jamespot-BPATL Jamespot-BPI Jamespot-AFPA Jamespot-AGIR Jamespot-CNPA Jamespot-CEBPL Jamespot-Renault

Jamespot pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

Plateforme Collaborative
€5 /month /user


Application Customization
Domain Name Mapping
Software Layout & Themes
User Group Interface
Application Settings
Data Import & Export (CSV, XLS)
Data Sharing Rules
Management of Rights
User Management
Calendar Syncing
Content Publishing & Sharing
Conversations and posts Collaborative discussions on a wall
Event Scheduling
Group Management
Knowledge Base, Wiki
Managing Attachments
Meeting Management
Meeting Report
News Feed
Note Taking Management of a task list and note-taking
Notes Sharing
Planning Overview
Private Connections Between Users
Screen Sharing
Shared Calendars
Shared Whiteboard
Surveys and FAQ
Task Management
Chat Box / Instant Messaging Live discussion via a Webchat
Contact Manager Search and organization application for professionnal contacts
Full Text Search within Conversations
Group Chat
Live User Status
Mailing Lists Email address that forwards messages to address groups
Mention Collaborators @mention to tag someone
Notifications Email, sms, or pop-up window that alerts you of an action
Private Focus Group
Push Notifications
Shared Contacts Contacts viewed and updated by multiple people
Shared User Profile User public and private identity (picture, description, skills, etc.)
Video Conference Audio and video calls with two or more people
Web Mail (Email Management) Sending and receiving emails
Customer Support
Case Management
Customer Community (Forum, FAQ)
Customer Interface
Feedback & Customer Satisfaction
Help Desk
Live Chat
Document Management
Document Library
Document Sharing (Files)
Document Templates
Document Versions
Documents Viewer
Full Document Search
Full Text Search
Photos and Videos
Real-time editing with teammates
Shared Folders
Tags Management
Data Loss Insurance
SLA higher than 99.5% Service Level Agreement (SLA). It defines the level of service expected by users in percentage of uptime activity
Sales Force Automation
Account Management Management of company information
Contact Management Editing and follow-up of contacts for a given company


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs
Active Directory (AD) Integration
Social Networks Integration
Web Browser Extension
Website (plugin, form)
Mobile App
Responsive Web Interface (RWD) Application crafting to provide an optimal experience
Security & Confidentiality
Access Restriction on IP Addresses
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Daily Backups
Geographic Data Redundancy
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Strict Internal Access Controls
Total Data Reversibility
24/7 Support
Community (FAQ, Forum)
Help Desk (Phone, Email, Ticket, Chat)
Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos)
On-site Training
Online Training (Webinar)

Data hosted in the following countries: France

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Jamespot : the social network accelerating digital transformation
Implementing a company social network is valuable in many ways. As an internal communication medium, it favours collaboration and gives agility to organisation. If it’s also compatible with your other business tools, it will be a complete and uniform solution for your colleagues. To learn more, find all our advice and Corporate Social Network discoveries here.

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