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Are you tired of remembering things all the time? Have you already missed tasks and appointments? Do you spend a lot of time trying to find documents again? Or have you ever gotten "bogged down" and just couldn't find notes again?

RemindMe can help you to get a grip on these things. According to the motto "Your brain is a factory, not a warehouse" RemindMe helps you to get these things out of your head onto digital "paper" and to organize tasks, projects, documents and notes easily, quickly and intuitively and to get reminded of them at the right time. This way you are mentally relieved and can concentrate on the important things again.

A look at the introduction video (currently only in german) or the detailed program functions is definitely worthwhile. A free version for 30 days is also available.

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Strengths of RemindMe

  • Task Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Management

RemindMe demo and screenshots

The Dashboard shows what is important (here in german) Collect any type of informations in the task details (here in german) Get easy access to the important documents of a project (here in german)

RemindMe customers

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RemindMe pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

€2 /month /user


Task Management
Document Management
Document Library
Project Management
Recurring Tasks
Task Planning Tasks roll out in order to organize the project

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