Aptean ERP: in summary

Aptean is a cloud-based ERP that helps companies automate their business processes. This software is designed to meet the needs of every business in different industries from aviation, and electronics to medical services, etc. 


Aptean provides different features that can benefit each industry:

Food and Beverage ERP

No matter what type of food and beverage you manufacture or deliver, you will need an ERP to facilitate all your processes from product development to food safety management. Aptean is the solution that you need! With Aptean, you can customize and automate your work processes to increase efficiency and maximize productivity. This software solution makes it so that you can deliver food easily to your customer.

Process and Industrial Manufacturing ERP

In manufacturing environments, you will undoubtedly need an ERP solution that boosts productivity and gives your business real-time updates on the work that you do. 

Aptean provides useful features such as:

  • Real-time inventory information

  • Regulatory reporting 

  • Testing processes 

  • Recall management 

  • Cloud-ready platform 

  • Data management

Distribution and Retail ERP

Aptean cloud-based distribution or retail ERP will allow you to respond to the demands of your customers and empower your company to streamline the entire distribution process. 

Distribution and Retail ERP gives you access to: 

  • Real-time data 

  • Integrated EDI 

  • Built-in warehouse management tools 

  • Automated DRP and forecasting tools 

  • Import management functionality 


Aptean doesn’t have a fixed price which means that you’ll be quoted a price based on your company’s budget and needs.

Aptean ERP: its rates

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