monday sales CRM: in summary

monday sales offers a comprehensive CRM platform tailored to enhance and manage the entire sales cycle, from lead generation to customer retention

Renowned for its quick setup and intuitive design, this platform provides a user-friendly experience that accelerates onboarding and streamlines team collaboration

With an array of customizable features and automation tools, monday sales CRM optimizes operations, saving time and boosting productivity, ensuring that teams are synchronized and more efficient.

Its benefits

Quick Setup and Fast Adoption

Advanced Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Customizable to Fit Any Business Need

Manage the Entire Sales Cycle

Certifications:GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018

Its disadvantages

Mainly Made for SMBs

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Appvizer's opinion

In our experience, monday sales CRM shines as a versatile tool in managing sales processes. Its quick implementation and easy customization make it particularly appealing for businesses looking to enhance productivity without a steep learning curve. 

The automation features are a standout, drastically reducing manual workload and streamlining communication.

This platform not only saves us time but also ensures that all team members are synchronized, promoting efficiency and productivity. 

Overall, monday sales CRM is a top recommendation for SMBs like us aiming to optimize their sales operations.

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monday sales CRM: its rates

monday sales offers 4 pricing plans per seat, based on the type of features you are looking for:

  • Classic CRM plan at £13 par seat and per month, including the basic features to organize all your team’s leads, contacts, & deals, such as:
    • unlimited customizable pipelines,
    • unlimited contacts,
    • templates for lead, contact & deal management,
    • unlimited free viewers, etc.
  • Standard CRM plan at £18 per seat and per month, including features for automated sales processes and streamlined communication, such as:
    • 2-way email integration with Gmail and Outlook,
    • AI email generator,
    • quotes & invoices,
    • custom CRM automations (250 actions per month),
    • custom CRM integrations (250 actions per month),
    • activity management, etc.
  • Pro CRM plan at £30 per seat and per month, including features to gain insights into your entire sales cycle and forecasting, such as:
    • mass emails,
    • email tracking & automations,
    • Google Calendar sync,
    • customizable email and e-signature,
    • custom CRM automations (25,000 actions per month),
    • custom CRM integrations (25,000 actions per month), etc.
    • Enterprise CRM plan available on quotation, best for managing pre- to post-sales with enterprise-level features, such as:
      • enterprise-scale automations & integrations,
      • HIPAA Compliance,
      • multi-level permissions,
      • lead scoring,
      • advanced analytics (dashboards up to 50 boards), etc.

    As of April 2024.

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    monday sales CRM: the complete test

    Through our testing of monday sales CRM, we figured out this tool allows us to manage every aspect of the sales cycle, from leads and contact management to sales pipeline, post-sale process, or sales enablement. As such, we were particularly impressed by features such as:

    • the unlimited customizable pipelines,
    • the customizable workflows, 
    • the lead scoring,
    • the quotes and invoices features,
    • or the communication features.

    We were able to drastically improve our customer experience and management, while gaining time! 

    Of course, monday sales has other key elements that we really appreciated.

    Quick Setup and User Adoption

    Our hands-on testing of monday sales CRM confirmed its exceptional ease of use, making the initial setup and team onboarding remarkably smooth

    The platform’s intuitive design eliminates the need for specialized technical skills, allowing us to effortlessly establish workflows. This rapid deployment capability enabled our team to transition seamlessly and start utilizing the CRM tools within a very short period.

    Customization for Every Business Need

    During our evaluation, we tailored monday sales CRM to align with several business models and workflows.

    The customization process was straightforward, and the ability to adjust features and workflows to suit specific business requirements proved invaluable. This adaptability not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also demonstrated the platform's potential to drive significant business impact across diverse sales environments.

    Advanced Automation Capabilities

    Our exploration of the automation features offered by monday sales CRM showcased its ability to significantly reduce manual workloads

    By implementing both pre-made and custom automations, we observed a notable decrease in time spent on routine tasks

    Moreover, the AI capabilities, such as automated task completion and intelligent email composition, particularly stood out, as they allowed us to gain time

    These features contributed to a more focused and strategically driven team, elevating overall productivity and effectiveness in managing sales processes.

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