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Software for companies in the commercial sector addresses logistical issues, planning and production. Use the appvizer software comparator to find the best solution for your business.

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What is a commerce and trading software? 

A trade and commercial software encompasses a variety of software types. The most common types of business software are cash register software and point-of-sale management software:

Cash register software:

Cash register software is used to keep the establishment's accounts, issue receipts, and report in real-time on available and sold stocks. 

Some software will also be integrated into CRM systems, using customer data collected at the point of sale during the purchase process. 

Point of sale software: 

This software is above all focused on sales monitoring, it allows you to generate reports on the activity of the point of sale, on a daily basis, or even in real-time. This type of software will also take into account the depreciation of equipment, loans, and fixed assets, receivables, and customer credit notes. It is a tool widely used by managers and directors to report on the performance of the point of sale, from one day to the next, or in comparison with a previous year.

What are the main functionalities of commercial software? 

Shop management

  • commercial animation, 
  • stock management, 
  • purchasing management, 
  • point-of-sale activity report. 

Collection management: 

  • accounting of the establishment, 
  • editing of sales receipts: easier collection, 
  • control of the back of the cash register.

Advantages of using a business software 

  • optimisation and control of stocks and supplies,
  • guarantee of traceability of articles, 
  • editing of commercial documents, 
  • instant overview of the performance of the point of sale, 
  • full integration of commercial management, 
  • reduction of customer risk. 

Commercial solutions

Wholesale software allows retailers to manage large quantities of products in a simple and optimized way, regardless of the type of commodity. 

Trading software is used in particular by wholesalers, industrial traders, as well as buyers in the construction industry.

Import/export software is a key player for a successful and efficient international trade practice.

Software distributors and resellers represent publishers, helping them build an extensive network of business partners and closer customer proximity.

Online software for the agri-food sector makes it possible to acquire the best agri-food erp. This improves production and food-stock management.

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