Cockpit de l'Expérience Client: Cockpit App: Customer Experience live monitoring

Monitor and optimize your Customer’s Experience from your smartphone !

  • Live global Customer Experience monitoring
  • Customer Journey interactive mapping
  • Automatic internal feedback
  • Continuous improvement actions plan
  • Spreading of a customer centric mindset

Unify all customer experience KPI in one place!

You have a global & unified view of your customer ‘s experience from your smartphone, with KPI from your call center, satisfaction survey, web site, customer journey… And if there is a problem, Elo !, your own personal customer satisfaction assistant send you an alert to act immediately.

Transform customers & internal feedbacks in value

Having on you smartphone the right information at the right time, with the ability to take action demultiplies the value of all the data: your sales reps can check the customer satisfaction before a meeting and send a direct feedback from the field in a glance, the marketing get a live feedback of their marketing campaigns & product launch…

Make the Customer Experience a reality!

Thanks to the mobile app, your customers are the closest from your heart, the whole organization has a direct acces to the customers, with the ability to share their voices (likes, comments…), to create a real and active customer centric culture.

Editor: Eloquant

Strengths of Cockpit de l'Expérience Client

  • Certifications: ISO 27001

Cockpit de l'Expérience Client demo and screenshots

Eloquant, Customer Relationship SolutionsIt is possible to have the details for an indicatorAll customer relationship in a mobile applicationAccess by login and passwordPerformance indicators with targetsinternal chat to discuss a subject (KPI, verbatim ...)Monitoring the customer journeyThe customer journey by product, sector, shop ...All can view customer dataThe evolution of performance over timeThe verbatim accessed and filterable by profileMonitoring the performance of the call center satisfaction surveysThe idea box 2.0The indicators monitored in real Temptailored customer experienceInternal lift from the app

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