Apple Business Chat: Messenger for Customer Support

What is Apple Business Chat?

Apple promotes Business Chat as "a powerful channel that delivers the ultimate customer experience in conversational commerce. It gives customers a direct way to get information, chat with businesses, make appointments, place orders, or make payments via Messenger.

For example, customers using an iPhone can use Messenger to find out about train connections in a taxi, reserve a seat, and pay for the booking immediately. For companies, this means that the Apple Business Chat can be used in a variety of ways - from marketing to customer service and advice to sales.

Business Chat helps you to:

  • create personalised customer service, 

  • easily communicate with your clients via messenger,

  • order and book services or products,

  • make payments easily via Apple Pay directly using messenger,

  • quickly get customer support with a mouse click, etc.

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
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