Hiver: in summary

As a multifaceted platform, Hiver offers a Multi-Channel Help Desk… directly from your Gmail inbox! It encompasses:

  • efficient email management,
  • streamlined collaboration,
  • powerful automation,
  • multichannel support,
  • seamless integration
  • and insightful analytics.

It's a versatile tool that caters to small businesses and large enterprises alike, adapting to various scales and types of email communication needs.

To be more specific, Hiver is well-suited for businesses and teams that rely heavily on email for communication and collaboration. It is ideal for customer support teams, sales, finance and marketing departments, and any group that manages shared inboxes or requires efficient email tracking and collaboration.

Companies looking to streamline their email-based workflows, improve team productivity, and gain insights from email analytics will find Hiver highly beneficial!

Its benefits

Email Delegation and Tracking

Shared Inbox for Team Collaboration

Enhanced Customer Support and Feedback Management

Its disadvantages

Gmail is necessary to get benefits from the use of Hiver

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Appvizer's opinion

Through our testing, we have found Hiver to be an efficient all-in-one solution for team collaboration and communication.

Its standout feature is the seamless integration with Gmail, making it a natural extension for existing workflows. As a full-remote company, we use Gmail on a daily basis to communicate, and Hiver really makes collaboration more smooth and hassle-free.

Also, Hiver's advanced email management tools, coupled with automation capabilities, significantly reduces our manual tasks. In addition, the multichannel support and integration features ensure that we can handle diverse customer interactions smoothly. The analytics functionality gave us deep insights into performance metrics, so we can improve our decision-making processes.

For a Gmail-centric team like Appvizer, Hiver offers an unparalleled blend of functionality and convenience!

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Hiver: its rates

Hiver offers 3 pricing plans per user, based on the type of features you are looking for, the type of company and the number of shared inboxes you wish for.

  • Lite plan at $15 includes basic email management features ideal for teams needing a simple shared inbox solution :
    • 2 shared inboxes,
    • live chat,
    • a knowledge base,
    • light automation and analytics,
    • integration capabilities, etc.
  • Pro plan at $49 is suitable for growing teams requiring more sophisticated tools, expanding on Lite by offering :
    • 5 shared inboxes,
    • chatbots,
    • more advanced automation and analytics,
    • custom reports,
    • SLA reports,
    • additional integrations like Salesforce and Zapier, etc.
  • Elite plan at $79 is designed for large teams with high-volume email management needs, offering more features :
    • unlimited shared inboxes,
    • skill-based assignment,
    • HIPAA compliance,
    • dedicated success manager,
    • Okta app integration, etc.

If you need more than proposed, they provide you with a customized quote.

Pricing listed in March 2024.

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Hiver: the complete test

With such a wide range of features, Hiver is definitely tailored to all types of companies. 

For a company with many teams and working remotely, versatility and smooth communication are therefore particularly appreciated.

Our test emphasizes 3 main features.

Shared Inbox for Team Collaboration

Hiver revolutionizes the way we handle emails by introducing shared inboxes directly in Gmail. This feature eliminates the need for cc/bcc or forwarding emails, thereby simplifying internal communications

Instead of having emails scattered across individual inboxes, a shared inbox brings them all into a central place. This makes it easier for us to manage and respond to emails collaboratively. Additionally, all team members with access to the shared inbox can see which emails have been responded to and which are pending. This provides a transparent view of the workload and helps in better distribution.

We are also able to write notes alongside emails, which improves our internal communication and drastically reduces clutter.

In addition, using tags makes the categorization process easier, which leads to a more efficient and quick tracking of emails. 

Email Delegation and Tracking

The email delegation and tracking feature enhances our productivity as a team, we are managing more efficiently our email boxes and our communication. 

Team leaders and members can assign emails to specific users directly within Gmail. This process is similar to assigning tasks, where each email becomes the responsibility of the designated team member. 

Once an email is assigned, it’s clear who is responsible for responding. This eliminates confusion and ensures that no email is overlooked or answered twice. Delegated emails can be moved out of the main inbox to the assigned person's inbox, helping to keep the main inbox less cluttered and more manageable.

Hiver allows us to track the status of each email. For instance, we can see whether an email is open, pending, or closed. This feature provides a clear overview of the workflow and helps in monitoring progress.

Finally, we can set up rules to automatically route certain types of emails to specific team members or groups. This automation saves time and ensures the right person is handling the email.

Analytics and Reports

Data-driven insights are crucial for optimizing team performance, and Hiver offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. These features provide us with an in-depth understanding of how our team handles email communication. 

We have metrics to evaluate team performance, such as the response time, the resolution time, or the email volume. Thanks to those, we can track how quickly our team members respond to emails, which gives room for improvement in customer support and internal communication efficiency. 

We also took a look at bottleneck identification, as Hiver helps in identifying bottlenecks in the email management process. We can understand how our traffic goes, as it could be related to specific types of queries, times of day with high email volumes, or particular team members needing support.

With customizable reports, we focus on the metrics most relevant to our team’s objectives. The timeframe can be customized, select specific metrics, and choose the format of the report.

Overall, Hiver's analytics and reports feature is a powerful tool to monitor, analyze, and optimize email communication processes. By having access to detailed data, we improve the decision-making process, adjust our strategies, and improve overall productivity.

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