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LiveChat is a live chat software that can be inserted on a retailer's website. It allows Internet users to interact online with a support member.

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Premium Live Chat and Help Desk Software for business. LiveChat turns support teams into customer service rockstars. Customers love answers to their questions coming within seconds. Win hearts of customers with amazing customer service using LiveChat - join over 18,000 companies from over 140 countries and try LiveChat now!

LiveChat allows you to set up a live chat tool on your e-commerce site to provide real-time support to customers. On the company's website, customers can click on the notification button that connects them to a support member:

  • To request information
  • To request advice
  • To make a comment

Improve Your Responsiveness with Customers

LiveChat has a web application that allows you to access all conversation requests and respond to messages from visitors.
In addition, there is information about each Internet user: name, location, contact email, number of interactions, etc.

The LiveChat mobile application allows media members to always be connected.

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