ServiceNow: Field Service Management Software

The platform allows companies to create digital workflows, i.e. lists of tasks to be completed to follow the progress of a project, with the aim of improving a company's productivity.

Servicenow, a platform offering IT, employee and customer workflows

IT workflows : the platform enables the IT department to modernize its operations. This involves early detection of problems and then trying to automate their resolution. It is also possible to manage the strategy and all IT tasks on the platform.

Customer workflows : the software allows all documents to be accessed by employees in order to quickly and efficiently resolve customer problems. An analysis functionality allows problems to be quickly located and addressed before the customer is even aware of them. Finally, the platform provides customised support thanks to the data collected and chatbot.  

Employee workflows : the platform allows the sharing of documents from each departments to facilitate access to information and increase employee productivity.


  • digital workflows to visualise the work to be done and increase productivity
  • information shared  

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