Growth Intelligence: B2B Marketing Platform

Growth Intelligence uses the scientific study of algorithms and statistical modeling to find companies that match a need for a product or service that you are selling and prioritizes the needs from strongest to weakest. 


  • Reveal your Invisible Market
  • Reduce Financial Risk
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Focus on the Right Targets
  • Stop Wasting Time

This solution gives insight into the customers that are going to convert before they have even been found.


  • The Whole Market
  • Campaign Information
  • Company Insights
  • Detailed Firmographics
  • Intelligent Results
  • Every UK Company

GrowthIntel uses a set of signals that are dervied by data that has been collected and analyzed to find the best prospects for your business. These prospects are compared to those in the UK and are matched according to signal strength. These prsopects are then marked from A-D where A indicates the likelihood to convert. 

Some of these signals include:

  • Company Structure
  • Trading Activity
  • Tech Savviness

Using the machine learning capabilities, the more you use the software, the smarter it gets and the more effective your results will be. 

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