SmartRecruiters: Applicant Tracking (ATS) Software


SmartRecruiters is a Talent Acquisition Suite with full functionality for recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring. It provides an amazing candidate experience, hiring managers actually want to use the product and recruiters love us because we make their jobs easier. Best for internal recruiting teams in organizations with 100+ employees.

What Features Does SmartRecruiters Offer?

SmartRecruiters is highly appreciated for its many features such as Knowledge Base (tutorials, demos), strict server access control and online training (webinar). It will no longer be necessary to focus on updating, or to take care of maintenance tasks. The software as a service or SaaS model allows you to avoid having to worry about these issues, as the SmartRecruiters software editor handles them at the source. The high adaptability of SaaS software is an asset, and SmartRecruiters can therefore be used on Windows, Linux or Mac, with great ease. Your software and its data are stored at SmartRecruiters, freeing its buyers from the technical difficulties of backup and storage.

SmartRecruiters is not the only Applicant Tracking Program (ATS) available: you can discover more via the "Compare" section.

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