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EPIC, which stands for Employee Perceived Image of the Company, is a software solution based entirely on the cloud, that offers true 360˚ employee surveys.

Like some of our competitors, EPIC allows employees to score the company on a multitude of dimensions.

And then we take it one huge step further…

Unlike any of our competitors, with EPIC each employee has their own page that allows them to score their teammates and receive and provide incredibly powerful feedback.

EPIC is a fun, dynamic and easy system that gives your staff an invaluable analysis of themselves based on how they are perceived by their teammates.

Now your team members will know if they are creating a constructive environment within your organization, or if they need to work on some particular area to become a more emotionally intelligent person. 

Each and every user knows how they are perceived in 7 different dimensions that give them a clear image of where they do well and where they need to focus their attention in order to grow and improve.

Epic Features
EPIC features include a weekly Survey Engine, Employee and Company Statistics, Peer-to-Peer Feedback, a fun Prize Store and much more.

The Weekly Survey
includes 3 different types of questions:
About the company
About the team member
Custom Questions that you design

EPIC Trifocal Analysis
Each of EPIC's questions is analyzed from three different perspectives:

  • EPIC Dimensions and Sub-dimensions
  • Essential Factors
  • Pyramid of Needs

EPIC Community
The EPIC Community include:

*Suggestion & Idea Box:
An interactive area where users can make suggestions to improve or enhance the organization and vote on their favorite ones.
Private Feedback:
Send private feedback messages to your coworkers offering praise or constructive criticism

Public Praise: Users can send Stickers and Points to anyone they wish to recognize.

EPIC Prize Store
The EPIC Store is 100% self-managed. With it, employees are rewarded for their continuous participation. They can trade in EPIC Coins for rewards such as a free lunch, company swag or gift cards. The EPIC Store is super easy to manage, customize and control.

Editor: Clarity Wave

Strengths of Clarity Wave

  • Custom Questions
  • Incentive Store
  • Individual Employee Scores

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Kudakwashe Zafevere

I like using Epic every week to answer surveys and questions.

I enjoy using this app very much. It's very simple and easy to use and it's also a beautiful design. It's not hard at all to find what I'm looking for and to give my opinions.

Natasha Combrink

This is a great perk at work!

In my current job, right away I started to see some positive attitudes changing when they started using this software. The fact that the surveys are every Monday and that they're very short (approximately 5 minutes at most) it's enough to start creating a positive energy. I also like to send stickers and coins to my colleagues and trade our coins for different perks like a free day off or a gift card.

Wallen Chidawanyika

I like this software very much

So far I'm enjoying using EPIC very much. I especially like the ability to reward my coworkers whenever they do something good for me or the company. Also I like getting my own results so I can see where I need to improve.

Anitra Jones-Strother

A great way to measure the company's pulse and engagement

We are noticing a great improvement in our company's culture. Our turnover has also dropped because people are more satisfied and stay longer working in a company that really cares about them. Our team members work more in sync together and we've noticed a sense of gratitude among the employees.

Joel  Ogunsina

A very different approach to surveying employees

I have been in companies that use this kind of I have never seen one in which I can see my own scores. Usually the surveys I fill out have gone to the managers and I never get to see any results. Epic is very different in that respect.

André Middleton

An amazing and fun way to let management know how to improve

EPIC is very simple to use. Their support team is always there to help you if you get stuck. It's great to let the management of the company know how they're doing and what they can do better. The prize store is a great incentive to participate and it's also very nice to give my co-workers feedback as well. Overall I'm very happy using this system.

Abayomi Okemakinde

Really great value for what they offer

I decided to work with Clarity Wave to install EPIC in my company because they offer a large amount of features at the same or even less than other systems I evaluated. EPIC not only does weekly surveys but also peer to peer recognition and an incentive store that keeps everyone motivated to participate regularly.

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