Eurécia: in summary

A simple and powerful HRIS

The HR & Management software meets your expectations

Your company : SME or subsidiary of a large corporation (between 20 and 5,000 employees). Your goal : To improve and optimize the administrative management of your employees and teams by easily structuring, streamlining and automating your management and HR processes. Eurécia's HR software will make that goal a reality. Our modules are 100% SaaS and are accessible 24/7 from your web browser or smartphone. You can implement these modules and start seeing the benefits for you and your staff in less than 7 days.

HR solutions: Enjoy the benefits of Cloud computing

Optimize your ROI. With our solutions you only pay for what you need. You'll reduce your investments by 70% (our customers' average reduction in the last 7 years)! You'll also pay less and your payments will be spread out over time. You no longer have to worry about maintaining servers or installing upgrades. No more technical constraints! Your software is always up-to-date, always available and always operational (SLA of 99.7% ). Your data is backed-up daily. Your environment is fully secure and the confidentiality of your data guaranteed. So you can put all your energy and investment into the tasks that generate real value for your company. Don't waste any more time or money on activities not central to your profession or skill set!

Eurecia releases the employees of the administrative

Earn up to 35% efficiency

By simplifying and digitizing your administrative management, you allow the central services (HR, administrative and financial in particular) to save precious time on repetitive tasks and without real added value. The automation of the validation circuits and different workflow makes it possible to reduce the exchanges of papers, mails, copiers collers and thus the risks of errors and loss of information.

A flexible, scalable and powerful HR solution

Each module of the software meets a specific need for personnel administration or talent management. Thanks to its "à la carte" offer, Eurecia allows you to compose a customized HRIS that meets your expectations without unnecessary functionality. Its flexibility and modularity enable Eurécia to support the growth and development of your company.

Free yourself from technical constraints

You do not have any servers to maintain or updates to install. Your HRIS is always up to date, available and operational (SLA 99.7% ). Your data is backed up daily. Your environment is completely secure and the confidentiality of your data guaranteed. You can focus your efforts and investments on the tasks that generate real value for your company. Do not waste time or money on activities that are not at the heart of your craft and know-how !

Its benefits

A modular and scalable HRIS

A collaborative and easy to use solution

A reliable and secure software

Certifications:GDPR, ISO 27001

Eurécia: its rates

ZEN - Starter
/month /10 users
ZEN - Plus
/month /10 users
Zen - Evolution
/month /10 users

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