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Description «Consol HUmanage»

  • Anywhere in the world and independently of your employees’ physical location, you can follow your workforce weekly allocation with one single console and within the first hours of its deployment.

  • Encourage your employees to express their objectives, suggestions and ideas related to training and professional interests in order to align your business objectives with their carrier development.Humanagement is proprietary HR management approach supported with an exclusive management console.  

  • Every single week, stakeholders and management possess up to date workforce information, employee assignment and aspiration related to company’s main activities.

  • With as little as one-minute effort per employee per week, Humanage console facilitates comprehension of constantly evolving employee profiles and interests and enables employee to follow up with company’s evolving objectives and requirements.

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Availability Management
Change Management
Configuration Management
Self Service Portal
Log Management
Log Retention
People Management
Absenteeism Control
Activity monitoring
Attendance follow-up
People lookup Search engine to find people with specific criteria
Staff Management
Attendance Sheet
Course Dates & Schedules
Skills Map
Students Inscription
Training Course
Training Program

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