Fluida: Simplify your human resources with the HR management system

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Fluida: platform that simplifies management of human resources

Fluida is a mobile software for human resources management that allows you to simplify the management between employee and company, streamlining all company bureaucracy.

Fluida simplifies the relationship between worker and company. Usable from web or APP, modular and configurable independently. It is structured in 3 modules:

  1. management of leaves and permits,
  2. attendance detection
  3. expense report management.

All the information underlying these activities will be accessible at any time, anywhere and always updated in real time.

Obviously, thanks to the growing number of "paperless" companies, this tool leads to a drastic reduction in the use of paper for all the management of these HR activities.

Furthermore, a dematerialization of information facilitates the exchange of information and makes it safer: therefore, it allows better collaborative work.

What is the result? Information will be more accurate, your teams will make fewer mistakes, and everyone will save a significant amount of time and money.
Choose the solution that will make you more productive by reducing the stress load on your team.

What are the features of Fluida?

Fluida software will help you in the management of business processes thanks to its features such as:

  • Absence management: unification and simplification of everything related to leave, holidays and illnesses. A more unified view in order to better coordinate the work of those present
  • Attendance detection: say goodbye to the traditional "badge", attendance will be detected either on site or remotely (thus facilitating smartworking) through bluetooth, GPS and NFC
  • Expense report: simplify the entire expense report reporting process and approval and reimbursement procedures
  • Activity / Timesheet Reporting: collect information on the work activities carried out to always have the data available and know what has been done and how long it took.
  • Document filing: forget the piles of paper documents! With Fluida you can send and keep important documents in digital format. Pay slips, contracts, receipts, all within an app.
  • Corporate communications: thanks to Fluida you can send messages to your employees, dividing them by team or by location. Prioritize communications and monitor read receipts
  • Corporate directory in the app: Use the Directory to find contacts and other useful information about colleagues. Start calls, video calls and chats on Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp and other messaging systems directly from the directory.
  • Office and team management: Manage the division of personnel into company offices and departments to represent your organization.
  • Shift management: assign weekly schedules and daily shifts to staff and manage shift change requests. Thanks to this feature, staff can consult the expected working hours at any time.
  • Reporting: See detailed and customizable reports that help you make data-driven decisions. Filter information by location, department and date so you can focus on what really matters to you.
  • Multilingual interface: users can view the application interface in Italian, English or Spanish.

Integrate Fluida into your systems with APIs.

Fluida is designed to be integrated with other systems. Thanks to the API documented in detail in the developer portal, you can send and receive data relating to all functional areas of the platform.

Fluida respects the GDPR and data

Respect for privacy is much more than a regulatory obligation, it is a fundamental point for Fluida. We want companies and workers to manage their data in maximum security and with awareness.

Editor: Zucchetti

Strengths of Fluida

  • Usable from App or Web
  • Manage absences, leave, sickness and overtime
  • Manage expense reports
  • Certifications: GDPR

Fluida demo and screenshots

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Fluida customers

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Fluida pricing and features

Plans & Pricing

€1 /month /user
€2.5 /month /user
€3.5 /month /user

1,00 €


Expense Validation process
Expenses Input
Expenses Monitoring
Management of Telephone Expenses
Proof of Payment Management
Refund Management
Travel Expenses Management
Vehicle Management
Employees Notification
Overtime Management
Sick Leave and Accidents
Time Off & Leave Tracking
People Management
Absenteeism Control
Activity monitoring
Attendance follow-up
Breaks (paid and not paid)
Clock in, Clock out
Company Directory LDAP / Active Directory
Export to payroll system
Flexible Time Management
Holidays Management
Leave Balance
Leave Management
Leave Validation Process
Overtime Management
Punctuality Monitoring
Team Members Geo Location Team members geo-location and route tracking
Work Shift
Workforce management
Working Time Management
Product Information Management
Multi-Channel and Multilingual Versions


Mobile App

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