Kenjo: in summary

Kenjo is the all-in-one HR software for managing the industrial, service, and commercial SMB workforce. Designed to optimise all HR processes - from attendance and shift planning to recruitment and performance reviews - all while remaining compliant. All of it with the aim of making HR a key part of a company's success and developing their workforce.

  • Employee Profile: Centralized electronic filing for employee documents and information.

  • Attendance: Recording and administration of employees' working hours.

  • Time off: Automated management of leave requests and remaining leave.

  • Payroll: Calculation and administration of employee salaries and payroll.

  • Organization chart: Visual representation of the organizational structure with hierarchies and connections.

  • Onboarding: Structured induction process for new employees.

  • E-Signature: Electronic signature for documents and contracts.

  • Workflows: Automated sequence of tasks and approvals.

  • Performance Management: Monitoring and evaluating the performance of employees.

  • Shift planner: Creation and management of work schedules via the Internet.

  • Kenjo Kiosk Interface: Physical device used to record working hours.

  • Whistleblowing system: System for confidential reporting of wrongdoing or grievances.

Kenjo’s mission is to provide companies with the technology and knowledge to manage and grow their frontline employees. We want to streamline communication with easy access to data, exceeding employee expectations and speeding up hiring processes, all while remaining compliant.

Our team delivers solutions by understanding clients' unique needs and staying current on the latest HR trends and laws. We help them drive employee growth, generate a positive work environment and redefine the role of HR in organizations.

As the prices differ for North America, here are the updated prices for our different pricing plans:

  • Starter: USD 5.40
  • Growth: USD 9.00
  • Connect: Per request

Its benefits

Central platform: All HR functions combined on one platform, which fac

Efficient administration: Automation of workflows, saving time and res

Easy access: Cloud-based solution allows access from anywhere, anytime

Data integrity: Ensuring the accuracy and security of employee data.

Improved communication: Better collaboration through a central source

Certifications:GDPR, ISO 27001

Kenjo - Kenjo: Electronic Signature
Kenjo - Kenjo: Electronic Signature
Kenjo - Kenjo: Electronic Signature
Kenjo - Kenjo: Onboarding
Kenjo - Kenjo: Org chart
Kenjo - Kenjo: Payroll
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Kenjo: its rates

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