Competency Manager: in summary

Competency Manager is a cloud-based competency management system that lets you create competency models and assign them to employees along with any training requirements necessary.

What are the benefits of using Competency Manager?

  • Manage competency: identify the hard and the soft skills required to fully competent and implement a process to help each employee reach this level
  • Train individuals online: create training courses with a wide range of learning techniques such as multiple choice tests, open response, virtual classroom and more...
  • Assign and manage risk: identify and address high priority risks of your company
  • Identify and address skills gaps: Identify what training courses are not being completed, and encourage internal growth and continuous improvement for employees by showing what new skills they can learn.
  • Create Learning Pathways: Identify pathways to success and learning models for employees, so they can envision themselves in advanced roles within the organization. Promote growth by making optional competencies and courses available.
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Competency Manager
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