ExperQuiz: Learning Management System

ExperQuiz is a effective web solution dedicated to the evaluation and management of knowledge.

It's main features :

  • Very easily develop questionnaires with a wide variety of questions, integrating all types of media (image, audio, video). The questionnaires can be used in learning mode, assessment or certification, with a wide range of settings.
  • Improve your trainings, either face-to-face or remote, integrating different media and tests, chat and reporting
  • Create and distribute e-learning modules integrating all types of course support and tests

ExperQuiz is for:

• Business Training Service

• Recruitment entities (corporate services, firms)

• Training organizations

• Educational institutions

• All those who want to develop the capitalization of knowledge.

It is aimed at any organization concerned with capitalizing, sharing and advancing knowledge.

Editor: LABER

Strengths of ExperQuiz

  • skills assessment

ExperQuiz demo and screenshots

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ExperQuiz customers

Training and statutory certification (CPP Gaz) Statutory certification "Pharmaco vigilance" . Scientific training. Training of customers, validation of Skills collaborators. Training of officinal teams, uses of e-learning modules. Evaluation of skills before and after a training session. ExperQuiz Client ExperQuiz Client ExperQuiz Client

ExperQuiz pricing and features

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Shared Dashboards and Reports
Data Import/Export
Application Customization
Application Settings
User Management
Credential Management
Authorization Management
Application Lifecycle Management
Event Information Management Address, access map, hours, number of participants, description
People Management
Activity monitoring
Process & Workflow
Form Editor
Online Questionnaire Creation
Certification Management
Objectives Evaluation
Skills Map
Training Course


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs

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