ExperQuiz: Learning Management System

ExperQuiz is a effective web solution dedicated to the evaluation and management of knowledge.

It's main features :

  • Very easily develop questionnaires with a wide variety of questions, integrating all types of media (image, audio, video). The questionnaires can be used in learning mode, assessment or certification, with a wide range of settings.
  • Improve your trainings, either face-to-face or remote, integrating different media and tests, chat and reporting
  • Create and distribute e-learning modules integrating all types of course support and tests

ExperQuiz is for:

• Business Training Service

• Recruitment entities (corporate services, firms)

• Training organizations

• Educational institutions

• All those who want to develop the capitalization of knowledge.

It is aimed at any organization concerned with capitalizing, sharing and advancing knowledge.

Editor: LABER

Strengths of ExperQuiz

  • skills assessment

ExperQuiz demo and screenshots

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ExperQuiz customers

Training and statutory certification (CPP Gaz) Statutory certification "Pharmaco vigilance" . Scientific training. Training of customers, validation of Skills collaborators. Training of officinal teams, uses of e-learning modules. Evaluation of skills before and after a training session. ExperQuiz Client ExperQuiz Client ExperQuiz Client

ExperQuiz pricing and features

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Shared Dashboards and Reports
Data Import/Export
Application Customization
Application Settings
User Management
Credential Management
Authorization Management
Application Lifecycle Management
Event details management Address, access map, hours, number of participants, description
People Management
Activity monitoring
Online Questionnaire Creation
Certification Management
Objectives Evaluation
Skills Map
Training Course
Workflow & process
Form Editor


Integration & Interoperability
API, Web Service Restful APIs

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