ExperQuiz: in summary

The LMS/LAS Experquiz is a comprehensive digital learning solution, to build and deploy objective assessments, make trainings more efficient, foster the sharing of knowledge and build up expertise.

With ExperQuiz you can : 

  • Create evaluations and certifications easily,
  • Add interactive tools to your trainings,
  • Design and deploy e-learning modules,
  • Manage skills and qualifications,
  • Design and submit surveys related to your trainings.

ExperQuiz is an efficient solution dedicated to the assessment and management of knowledge. It is based on the quick and simple design of training modules and questionnaires, with attached course materials.

Available right-away, the solution is easy to use and extensible, rapidly deployed to meet your needs :

  • Software as a Service : no technical installation needed,
  • Desktops, tablet and mobile friendly,
  • Secured data,
  • Personal workspace for each user,
  • Available in 3 languages (English, French, Spanish),
  • 2 month free trial periode.

Its benefits

A complete learning solution

Accessible customer service

Create complete training courses

ExperQuiz - Screenshot 1
ExperQuiz - Screenshot 1
ExperQuiz - Screenshot 1
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ExperQuiz - Screenshot 3
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ExperQuiz: its rates

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