quofox Learning Suite: in summary

The quofox Learning Suite is a unique learning platform solution that, through its deep integration of the quofox marketplace, not only uses it as a learning platform, but also enables access to more than 10,000 courses on the marketplace.

Companies and organizations thus receive a digital, interactive learning platform and a wide range of learning opportunities from more than 700 partner companies from a single source.

The pay-per-use model is particularly attractive. The modular platform concept enables the activation of exactly those features that are required by the company. Unused features are not activated and accordingly not remunerated.

The same applies to the use of the learning opportunities on the marketplace. In contrast to the usual subscription models, only the content that is actually accessed is remunerated. This enables full cost control and creates transparency.

The quofox Learning Suite is an easy entry into the world of digital learning, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Its benefits

Learning platform and learning content from a single source

Modern IT Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) standard

Full cost control thanks to the pay-per-use model


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quofox Learning Suite
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